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Are You Curious About Easy Digital Auction Fundraising?

If so, you are in good company. Nonprofits across the board are adopting digital auction technology faster than ever before. Innovation in auction fundraising has brought new capabilities, easier platforms, and much more engaging and exciting experiences for donors.

The pandemic drove a shift to virtual fundraising using digital auction platforms. Even though in-person events might be making a comeback, there is no question - digital fundraising is here to stay.

Imagine the ability to host an in-person auction event AND allow your donors to invite their family and friends to participate in the event and support your cause by attending and participating virtually. We call these hybrid events and they are a game-changer for nonprofit organizations.

Why? Because you are now able to serve many different types of audiences at the same time. By leveraging a digital auction platform, you can engage the following audiences:

  • Your segment of donors who want to attend in-person but bid digitally

  • Your segment of donors that want to support but not attend in-person events

  • Your donors that live outside the area and can only participate virtually

  • The friends and family of any of your donors - who could receive an invite to join your auction and participate virtually

Engaging all of these audiences means MAXIMIZING YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO FUNDRAISE!

But, not all digital auction platforms are created equal, which can mean that if you don't choose the right platform, it will feel like trying to row your canoe upstream without a paddle.

There are also some common pain points that we regularly hear from nonprofits who are curious, but also reticent to try a digital auction fundraising for their organization.


The technology is cumbersome, kluge and difficult for the nonprofit and their participants to navigate.


Digital auction platforms are expensive and therefore a budgetary risk.


It can be hard to find donated items, or risk-free auction items at a good price that will actually help you raise money.


Only 40% of auction participants will win an item, so how do you fundraise with the other 60%?


Without knowing your audience's interests, it is difficult to get items that are relevant and enticing for donors to bid on at the event.

But there is good news, we know how you can host a totally painless auction! Let's start by saying goodbye to these pain points and hello to painless fundraising!

Cumbersome technology.

This has to be a thing of the past. No one has the patience for digital platforms that are dated and complicated. The latest platforms are fun, easy and feel like a game or an online shopping experience.

Expensive platforms.

Say goodbye to that option and say hello to platforms that are subscription-free. Committing to a paid subscription puts a strain on the decision maker because it feels risky since they don't know if their investment will pay off. Who wants to be in that position?

Guessing what auction items to have and at what price.

AI and predictive analytics have met auction fundraising. Now instead of guessing you can get informed insights on your donors interests and giving capacities so you can build an auction that is exciting, relevant and financially accessible to them.

Have you heard of an AI-powered Donor Intelligence Report? It's a game changer - helping nonprofit understand their donor demographics, behaviors, interests and giving capacities.

Trying to add risk-free items but not knowing where to get them and who to trust.

Risk-free items are great, but it can be a bit confusing knowing which ones to use and which vendor to trust. Wouldn't it be great if someone vetted these for you and only gave you best-sellers to choose from? What about an online shopping experience where you just select your items and they magically appear in your auction ready to go! (Hint: ZGIVE has this...)

Leaving money on the table with the 60% who don't win an item at your event.

We all know that everyone comes to an auction with a budget in mind of what they are willing to spend. However, we also know that not everyone will win. A donate button is nice and gives everyone a chance to give.

However, something a lot more powerful is the one-to-one giving opportunity we call Fund-A-Need. Using the digital auction platform, a nonprofit can create tiers of "needs" like "Give $150 to Feed 10 Kids for a Month," or "Give $500 to Purchase Backpacks for 20 Foster Kids," etc.

The cool part is that you can have as many people as you like give to your designated needs. We see that donors love to give to something specific where they know that they made a direct difference with their gift. This fills that emotional "win" that people want to experience at an auction, and replaces the need to purchase a physical item.

The moral of this story is that digital auction fundraising can be easy, affordable, and fun. If you would like to meet a digital auction platform that eliminates all the pain points and sets you up for success, we would love to talk to you!

Email or visit to connect with us and get started on your easy digital auction journey!


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