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Are you concerned about finding enough donated items for your auctions? Don't worry, we have the solution for a variety of price points. We have a select group of preferred partners that specialize in providing risk-free consignment items to nonprofits - and risk-free means no payment upfront! 

We currently offer the following categories of risk-free, consignment auction items. Note the price point of each item category so that you make selections that are appropriate and feasible for your donor audience.


  • Jewelry

  • Signed Sports, Celebrity, or Entertainment Memorabilia​​

  • Travel & Experience Packages

All items come with a 'cost-to-nonprofit consignment price'. The nonprofit collects the dollar amount the item sells for, minus the base cost and shipping. For example, if an item is priced at $500 to the nonprofit and the item sells for $1500 at auction, the nonprofit will receive $1000. The nonprofit pays nothing for the item until after it has been sold.

Below is a sampling of images that showcase the type of products, experiences, and travel packages that are available through ZGIVE for your digital auction.

For more information, contact your Client Success Manager or email questions@zgive.com.

Helpful Information & Article About Risk-Free Items

Objections To Using Risk-Free Consignment Items


“We already have a lot of great items donated.”

With Risk-Free Consignment Items:

• Higher caliber of an items than what is typically donated free and clear

• Higher bidding ceiling than donated items.

• Consignment items are targeted towards your high-net-worth donors. They are also a good way to identify new large donors.


“I don’t want consignment items to take away money that donors may spend on items we have gotten free and clear.”

With Risk-Free Consignment Items:


• Do not compete with anything you have solicited.

• Typically, a higher-priced item, thus not targeting bidders coming in on budget. This bidder has the purchasing power to bid on both consignments and donated items if they wish.

“Our donors think 100% of the proceeds go toward our organization” 

Do your auction participants also think that 100% of their sponsorship or ticket goes towards the organization? Of course not. With an in-person auction you spend money on the venue, catering, alcohol, decorations, entertainment, printing, etc. You are spending money on several things to create an environment conducive to maximizing your revenue and providing your attendees with a memorable evening.

“It’s not in our budget.”

Consignment companies don’t get paid unless their items actually sell at your event. Since you receive a very generous portion of the minimum bid, there is no way you can lose money on them. The point of fundraising events is to raise as much money as possible for the organization. Consignment allows you to do this while taking no risk whatsoever. If something doesn’t sell, you aren’t out a penny.