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 Our mission at ZGIVE™ is to make auction fundraising easy for nonprofits, so we created the Risk-Free Auction Item Shop to help nonprofits easily source a variety of risk-free items for their event. 

Once you make your selections, we load them directly into your auction portal for you. You only pay for the items when they sell at auction!


ZGIVE clients can access the shop directly from their auction portal.

What does Risk-Free mean?

This means that you can feature the item at your auction on our digital platform and only pay for the item if it sells at auction.

​All of our risk-free items come with a 'cost-to-nonprofit consignment price'. The nonprofit collects the dollar amount the item sells for, minus the base cost and shipping. For example, if an item is priced at $500 to the nonprofit and the item sells for $1500 at auction, the nonprofit will receive $1000. The nonprofit pays nothing for the item until after it has been sold.


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