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3 Reasons to Host an Auction for Your Nonprofit

Have you thought about hosting an auction for your nonprofit? If not, perhaps it's time to start putting an auction fundraiser on your radar screen. Whether in-person, virtual or hybrid (in-person and virtual), a digital auction platform can help you host a successful, profitable event for your organization.

Here are three reasons why hosting an auction is a perfect fundraiser for your organization:

1. Auctions can be an amazing fundraiser for organizations because they allow you to raise a lot of money in a short amount of time. Also, since you are auctioning off multiple items, there is more incentive for supporters to join and invite their friends. Remember, 80% of participants will not win, so remember to ask them for a direct donation.

2. Digital auction platforms enable you to create buzz online before the auction event and invite your donors to join with a QR code, link or text-to-register. Your supporters are able to preview auction items which gets them excited about participating in your event.

3. Auctions are a lot of fun for auction attendees and can strengthen the emotional connection with your nonprofit and your cause. Whether virtual, hybrid, or in-person, auctions generate excitement and get your donors talking about your auction event long after it's over. Remember, if you are not engaging your donors, someone else will.

So, what is the first step in planning an auction?

Get started with auction planning by selecting a digital auction provider. If you are looking for an easy, affordable digital auction platform, check out ZGIVE. Our digital platform makes it easy to host a virtual, hybrid or in-person event using digital technology to bid and participate.

Once you have your digital auction platform, you will want to start planning for your event. Here are a few tips to make the most of your auction:

1. For an in-person event, auction off a whole table or experience to draw in auction bidders. Auctioning off a table or event is an incredible way to auction off a lot of value in one auction package. For example, auctioning off a table for 10 people at a well-known restaurant during prime dinner time can yield big auction dollars!

2. Consider auctioning off sponsorships or exclusive auction packages. For example, auction off a chance to be the exclusive sponsor of your auction gala where they can provide restaurant gift certificates and auction items as part of their sponsorship package. This is a great opportunity for business owners looking for marketing.

3. Get creative with auction items! Auction attendees love bidding on unique items and experiences. One auction attendee may be excited to support your auction by bidding on auction items such as a luxury weekend getaway, while another auction bidder might love the idea of attending an event like a wine tasting or learning how to use social media for business purposes. Providing a range of auction items is key to engaging all of your participants.

4. Add risk-free auction items. If you would like to have an auction, but are not sure where to get enough items, consider risk-free. At ZGIVE we have a Risk-Free Auction Item Shop where our nonprofits can source items for their auction. We even load the items directly into your portal and you only pay if the item sells at your event!

To learn more about how ZGIVE can help you raise money with digital auctions, visit and schedule a free platform tour.

Good luck with your auction!


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