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#GivingTuesday Toolkit

Host A Virtual Auction To Boost Your #GivingTuesday

ZGIVE is here to help you and your nonprofit have its best #GivingTuesday ever!

This all starts with having the right game plan and fundraising technology in place. That’s why we’ve created this handy #GivingTuesday toolkit with just ten simple steps to fundraising success.

Need a fun way to raise money this #givingtuesday? How about a virtual auction? With ZGIVE building and hosting a virtual auction is easy and affordable - in fact you can sign up in minutes for a subscription-free plan and start creating your auction right away!

Read below to learn more or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE TOOLKIT!

This guide will cover how to:

  • Set your fundraising goals

  • Create a game plan

  • Build a campaign theme

  • Develop your campaign narrative

  • Gather inspiring visuals

  • Schedule your communication

  • Organize fundraising options

  • Do a “tech platform check”

  • Create a timeline

  • Celebrate and thank donors

ZGIVE is a smart digital auction platform for nonprofits featuring AI-powered donor intelligence and an online risk-free auction item shop. To learn more about ZGIVE, visit


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