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Why You Should Send Your Donors An E-Card

Nonprofits in 2022 should absolutely use e-cards to strengthen relationships with supporters. Find out how and see top examples in this blog.

The #1 Reason Nonprofits Should Use E-Cards:

In 2022, nonprofits cite “donor disconnect” as a top fundraising challenge.

This comes as no surprise. Due to the recent pandemic, many nonprofits have not been able to be connected with donors face-to-face for nearly a year. However, from live-stream events to VIP breakout rooms and virtual coffees, many charities have found innovative ways to stay connected with supporters.

But one easy, yet underutilized resource are e-cards.

The number one reason nonprofits should use e-cards is to improve their donor engagement, which can be tough to grow. E-cards are an easy and cost-effective way for nonprofits to reach out to supporters creatively and personally. E-cards help nonprofits:

  • Send personalized messages

  • Let donors know you are thinking about them

  • Drive supporters to your website

  • Keep donors up to date

  • E-Cards express gratitude and appreciation for your donor base

  • Build trust with supporters

But that is just the beginning! Nonprofits can use e-cards to send greetings, remind supporters of its mission, and most importantly express gratitude for their support.

How To Send E-Cards This Year

If the goal is donor engagement, it may be best not to include a fundraising ask at the end. Remember, the e-card is a touchpoint to show your appreciation to supporters.

Not sure what to write? We found some great templates and guidance provided by Handwrytten. Below are their suggestions and thank you card templates to get you started.

Donor Thank-You Letter Template

Later in this article, we’ll give you some specific examples of appreciation letters for your generous donors. But first, let’s look at a basic letter template you can use to create your own.

Here’s how a basic thank-you letter should be set up:

  • Salutation

  • Thanks for specific donation

  • Specific impact of donation

  • Additional information or story (optional)

  • Repeated thanks

  • Close with sender’s name

That list might be a little confusing at first. Here’s what it means in more detail:


Every letter starts in more or less the same way: probably with a “dear [recipient’s name],” or “hey [name]!”

The important thing is to make the salutation at the beginning feel warm and personal. Use the recipient’s first name unless your organization's culture is more on the formal side.

Thanks for Specific Donation

The first thing you should do in the body of your thank-you letter is thank the donor! Be as specific as possible in expressing your gratitude. Tell the recipient exactly what they’re being acknowledged for and what cause it’s going to support.

Specific Impact of Donation

Next, go into more detail about the impact the donation will make for the organization and its cause. Be specific about who’s being helped and what’s being accomplished. This has the added bonus of reminding the donor why they contributed in the first place, which may lead to a future donation.

Additional Information or Story (Optional)

If you have a little more space (or time) to write in, you might go into even more detail. Consider telling a specific story about a person or situation your organization stepped in to help. Describe how the donor‘s contribution is making a difference in vivid terms.

Repeated Thanks

This part isn’t complicated. Just say “thank you” again in closing. For example, “Thanks again for your support!”

Close With Sender’s Name

Last but not least, you should sign off using your real name whenever possible. No one gets excited about receiving a letter from a faceless organization, no matter how much good they’re doing in the world. People like hearing from other people, so conclude your letter with your name and role in the organization.

Of course, you may be needing to thank someone for a personal favor they did for you, rather than a donor to an organization you work for. Even so, the same steps here should work for you. Just remember to go into more detail and make it even more personal when thanking someone for a kind gesture; however, unless you are extremely familiar with them, don’t close with something as personal as ‘with love’, and certainly do not phrase it as if you are saying goodbye to a coworker. Make it personal when thanking someone for a kind gesture.

Top 10 Donor Thank-You Letter Examples

Now that you understand the importance of thank-you letters and you’ve explored a template for writing them, let’s get into some concrete examples. When reading these sample letters, replace the words in [brackets] with your own words that make sense for the situation.

1. A Thank-You From an Organization to a Donor

Dear [first name],

Thank you for being one of our top donors to our annual fundraiser for [your organization‘s cause]. Your concern for [organization‘s goal] is above and beyond. Thanks to your continued support, we’ve been able to help [list who, what, or how your organization is helping].

Thank you again,

[Your name] [Your role] [Your organization‘s name]

2. Another Organization-to-Donor Thank-You

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss [name],

We truly can’t thank you enough for your generous gift to our building fund campaign. Your support will allow us to continue providing low-cost resources to the people in our community who need them most. People like you truly make a difference in the world, and we’re incredibly grateful!

Warm regards,

[Your name] [Your organization]

3. A Thank-You for a Recurring Donation

Hey [name],

I just wanted to reach out and personally thank you for being an ongoing monthly donor to [your organization]. People like you are the reason we can continue supporting [your cause], and we truly can’t thank you enough.

Take care,

[Your name] [Your role]

4. Another Recurring Donation Thank-You Example

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Thank you for your commitment to support [organization] on a monthly basis. Just this month alone, we’ve been able to [list how your organization has helped]. Thanks to your support, [people you help] will be able to continue to receive help from us.

Thank you,

[Your name] [Your role] [Your organization]

5. A Thank-You for Attending an Event

Dear [name],

Thank you for attending our recent silent auction fundraiser! We hope you had a great time, and we truly appreciate your contribution. Thanks to you, we’ll be able to [how your organization intends to help]. Hoping to see you next year.

[Your name] [Your organization]

6. Another Thank-You for Attending an Event

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss [name],

We were delighted to have you attend this year’s event in support of [your cause]. Thank you very much for coming, and thank you especially for your generous donation to [organization].

Warm regards,

[Your name] [Your role]

7. A Thank-You From One Person to Another

Dear [person],

Thank you so much for helping me with my medical expenses. My recovery from the accident has been slow and costly, but thanks to your donation, I should have all the expenses paid by the end of the year! I truly can’t thank you enough!

[Your name]

8. Another Personal Thank-You Example

Hey [person],

Thank you for paying my first and last month’s rent at the new apartment I moved into. It was very kind of you, and I feel truly blessed by your generosity. Now that I’m at my new job, I’ll be working on paying off my debts and building my savings. Thank you for helping me get this apartment without increasing my debt!

Love, [Your name]

9. A Personal Thank-You for a Non-Monetary Gift

Hey there,

Thank you so much for giving me your old car! I was in quite a bind after mine was totaled in that accident. I feel so grateful to be able to get to work without paying for an expensive taxi. As you know, I’ve been struggling to get by, and your car is an enormous blessing.

Thank you!! [Your name]

10. A Thank-You for Supporting a Crowdfunding Campaign

Dear [person],

Thank you so much for giving to my GoFundMe campaign! The last few months have been really tough as I’ve struggled to get by after my accident. I feel so blessed that so many people came together to support me when I needed it most. Thank you for playing such a big part in my financial recovery!

Warmest regards, [Your name]

Send Your Thank-You Letters with Handwrytten!

Between our thank-you letter template and these top 10 thank-you letter examples, you should have everything you need to jumpstart your donor communication! Whether you need to express your thanks to a single generous giver or communicate to a group of donors, writing a professional thank-you letter is the best way to do it.

Writing your letter is one thing, though. How should you send it, especially if you have a large group of people to thank?

That’s where Handwrytten comes in. Our machines can automatically create authentic handwritten letters on your behalf for your donors. Sign up here to get started!

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This article has been modified from the original publication to include content from Handwrytten.


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