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What Nonprofits Should Do At the Beginning of the New Year

What Nonprofits Should Do At the Beginning of the New Year

Not sure what your nonprofit should do between now that the year-end rush is over? ZGIVE has got you covered. Keep reading to learn 10 ways you can quickly raise more funds this new year.

Remember Your WHY

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can become all too easy to lose sight of your “why.” Why are you raising funds this year? Why does it matter? Take a moment to breathe, and revisit what purpose brought you to through those final days of the 2020 giving season.

From surpassing your fundraising goal to cleaning up donor data… remember that the most important thing to do right now is to remind donors why they love you. To avoid causing donor fatigue, think of ways to leave supporters feeling reinvigorated in their relationship with your nonprofit this season. Break up recent holiday “asks” with messages of gratitude and inspiring stories. Make it your mission to make them feel good about doing good.

10 Ways To Quickly Raise Funds Between Now and Year-End

Here are the top 10 things nonprofits should incorporate now to win 2021.

1. Website. Your nonprofit website homepage and donate page should have a working “donate now” button. Messaging and visuals should be consistent with your branding.

2. Social Media. Schedule social media posts with compelling pictures, videos, and stories that inspire supporters to make that last-minute donation...

3. SMS. Use SMS text messaging to share one story touched by your mission. Keep it simple: Include a picture or video, a client quote, and ask your supporter to give. Don’t forget to include a link for supporters to donate online!

4. Email. Send at least 1 more email to your supporters in January. Try sending another thank-you message to all of your year-end supporters.

5. Direct Mail. Mail a 1-page direct mail appeal. Try this simple formula: Challenges your organization or a beneficiary have faced + how your supporters have helped you overcome these hurdles + how they can help support you this new year (i.e., donate now). Be sure to include a personal note with handwritten P.S.’ for major donors!

6. Phone and Zoom call. Even though you can’t physically meet with major donors this year, try a phone or Zoom call. Sure, you could email them. But calls help you further deepen your relationship. Schedule a call with every single major donor that hasn’t donated yet and ask if they plan to make a gift this new year. Be direct and mission-focused: “I’m calling to see if you have had a chance to consider making a gift to help us continue our mission in 2021?”

7. Live Event. Consider a last-minute live event this new year, where there is far less competition among charity events. A Facebook Live could be a great way to energize supporters and spread awareness on social media. The easiest format to throw together would be having your Executive Director come on and interview someone who has been impacted by your organization, ending with a call-to-action to donate now.

8. Thank-a-Thon. Make a list of all those who have donated in 2020 to your organization. Recruit staff (or volunteers) to take that list of emails and phone numbers and thank them. Set up a muted Zoom room for one night only so it feels like you’re all in it together, and let the thanking begin!

9. Matching Gift. Find a major donor or Board Member to match final year-end gifts. This is a sure-fire way to encourage donors who are on the fence to make twice the impact.

10. Corporate Gift. Don’t forget about corporate partners! Many companies are willing to participate in a matching gift or Peer-to-Peer campaign.

Start Strong With ZGIVE

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