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How Nonprofits Are Raising Money With Luxury Villas

What does it mean to change the world with each stay? For LuxGive, it’s about helping nonprofits raise more funds at auction through truly once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences.

For co-founders Nicolas Meakins, Bobby Gibson, Bryan Leblang, and Marius Ciuchete-Paun, it’s been a passion project for years. Serving in leadership roles for some of the most successful villa rental companies in the world, they always believed there was a way to transform luxury travel into something more meaningful. LuxGive was created from this shared vision and offers a unique way for nonprofits and auctioneers to raise more money for great causes.

Launched in 2019, LuxGive has revolutionized the auction travel consignment space by bringing the luxury villa experience to the fundraising community. Our stays pair unique private residences with authentic local activities and dedicated concierge service for stays that connect more deeply with donors and help raise more than traditional travel packages. With decades of experience in the luxury travel industry with villas, packages and much more, and a network of over over 10,000 private residences, we’ve curated a truly exclusive collection of travel experiences for every type of donor.

Are You A Golf Lover, Wine Enthusiast or Outdoorsy?

For golfers, we have getaways that pair luxury accommodations with premier access to some of the finest championship courses in the world. Wine enthusiasts can unwind in private Tuscan or Sonoma vineyards and sample world-class varietals with winery tours and tastings.

Those seeking the great outdoors can immerse themselves in nature, from a jungle Tulum penthouse with a private rooftop pool, to stylish glamping-style accommodations in the heart of America’s National Parks. And for those looking for true relaxation, our great,breathtaking Caribbean portfolio will transport donors to sugar white sands with exquisite beachfront villas and oceanside infinity pools.

How Consignment Travel Works

Our consignment model is simple and designed to support partners through every step of the journey. LuxGive fundraising specialists work directly with nonprofits to help reserve the perfect villa experience for their audience.

Each package has a fixed nonprofit cost, and the nonprofit keeps every dollar raised above it. They only pay for packages that sell, so placement is always risk-free.

Following the event, our reservation and concierge team reaches out to donors to plan their stay from start to finish. From bespoke travel itineraries to in-villa

massages or poolside chef service, our team goes above and beyond to arrange those special moments that transform guest stays into unforgettable memories.

To deliver these once-in-a-lifetime experiences at auction takes collaboration, and we are big believers in the value of partnerships, as they help to combine knowledge, resources, and strengths to drive positive change more effectively for nonprofits, donors, and the philanthropic community.

The LuxGive team is thrilled to work together to open new avenues toward greater change. Our travel packages are available in ZGIVE's all-new Risk-Free Auction Item Shop!

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