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Why You Need Sports Items For Auction Fundraising

It's September, and fall is almost upon us. Fall is my favorite time of year! Not only because the holidays are approaching, or because auction season is right around the corner, but because football season is finally back.

It has been a long seven months since the season's final game, and the anticipation of what lies ahead is on every football fan's mind once the first kickoff arrives. Everyone, especially me, is excited to see their favorite teams go out on the field and play their heart out again.

Football brings happiness to all the fans at the game and the people watching at home. Still, it also makes a massive difference for their communities. Many players have their own foundations that give to people all across the nation.

Players Making A Difference

I love Russell Wilson. Not only is he the superstar quarterback for the Denver Broncos, but he is also very involved in helping the community with his Why Not You foundation. This organization specializes in education, children's health, and fighting poverty for underprivileged children. He and his Grammy award-winning wife, Ciara, give $500,000 dollars a month to charities around the Colorado area.

When Wilson was in Seattle, every Tuesday, he would visit children's hospitals around the area. It is so inspiring to see a player that everybody looks up to make such an impact in his communities. He is truly a great role model and NFL player.

Another player that has done amazing things for those in need is J.J.Watt. He is one of my favorite players, and I've loved seeing him terrorize opposing quarterbacks for years.

But more importantly, he has immensely helped the communities he has been a part of. He made a tremendous effort to help those in need after the Houston hurricane.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Watt used his platform and nonprofit to aid those affected. He raised 37 million dollars for the city of Houston to get back on its feet. His money also gave people 239 million meals, rebuilt 1,183 homes and 971 childcare homes.

J.J Watt won the 'Walter Payton Man of the Year Award' in 2017. His nonprofit also helps communities in and around the Phoenix area, where he plays now for the Arizona Cardinals. It is incredible to see a player use his influence and money to help restore a community.

Why You Need Sports Items At Your Auction Fundraisers

So what does the NFL and sports items have to do with your auction fundraising? EVERYTHING! According to Statista, 74% of Americans are sports fans! So, it is safe to say that your donors are in that mix and would love to bid for cool sports items at your next auction fundraising event.

ZGIVE offers fantastic sports items through our new Risk-Free Item Shop. We help nonprofits assemble unique sports items to connect and excite their sports fans and encourage more bidding at fundraising auctions.

ZGIVE has a ton of amazing autographed and framed sports items signed by some of the greatest players ever to play. Think legends such as Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, and Hines Ward, and players from today's games including A.J Brown, Davante Adams, and Dak Prescott.

One of my favorite items in the catalog has to be a signed jersey of Deebo Samuel. He is one of my favorite players in the NFL, and as a fan, I would love to have his autographed jersey so if you are having an auction - invite me!

Our shop is stocked up with other fantastic items as well that your donors will love, including jewelry, travel, art, and more! But, it's football season, so take advantage of our exceptional NFL items for your next auction and start raising more money for your organization this fall!

Learn more about ZGIVE's Risk-Free Item Shop and hosting a digital auction this fall by visiting or emailing!


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