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Tips for Leading Your Team Through Stressful Times

Tips for Leading Your Team Through Stressful Times

Your development staff is feeling extra stress right now. As a nonprofit leader, it can be especially difficult to lead when you are struggling. 

To help, this article says to:

  • Acknowledge the problem and the stress it causes.

  • Solicit open-ended feedback from staff about how they are feeling.

  • Be transparent and answer questions about fundraising problems.

  • Communicate your plan to address your funding issues.

  • Give regular updates on your progress or setbacks toward the plan.

  • Re-evaluate organizational and staff priorities.

  • Remove barriers to health and wellness.

  • Connect employees to your mission.

Social distancing creates a unique set of challenges for leading your team through this stressful time. However, it’s not impossible. You can adjust these insights to the remote-working context. Keep in mind that in leading your team, your donors are also looking to you for similar leadership. The technology you have on hand to do that is critical.

At ZGIVE, we offer nonprofits a turnkey solution to quickly and securely communicate with donors with Text-to-Give, Text-to-Engage, and Scan-to-Give. Learn more about our virtual auction platform today!


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