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Three Ways To Build Meaningful Relationships With Your Donors

Three Ways To Build Meaningful Relationships With Your Donors

Building lasting relationships with your donors is an essential part of maintaining a healthy nonprofit organization. Sometimes, however, it can be a challenge to know how best to connect with them. This article provides three great ways to help strengthen and build better donor relationships.

  1. Be a Strategic Listener

  2. Ask For Input and Opinions

  3. Use Mobile Technology To Make and Maintain Connections

Listening is sometimes a forgotten art. We can put much effort into messaging and reaching our audience, and while this is important, so is hearing what they have to say to you. Making a point to build strategic listening into your communication strategy will do something invaluable – ensure your donors feel validated and heard.


Make sure to ask questions and solicit their input when appropriate. Send your donors a survey, a poll, or invite them to reach out to you with any concerns or questions. Providing them with a line of communication and allowing them to voice their concerns or offer opinions will help your donors feel more appreciated and more connected to your organization.


The use of mobile technology is now critical across the board, but particularly in building connections and lasting relationships with your donors. Today email has become a saturated space, and typically many emails go unopened. In general, email opens range around 22%; however, due to COVID-19, this number is now much lower.

The good news is there are other options available that can reach your donor and cut through the noise. Texting is now the new and most effective way to connect with your donors on an ongoing basis. Text messaging boasts an impressive 98% open rate, and read in about 3 seconds! It is safe to say that there is now a better way to connect and stay in touch with your donor base. 

At ZGIVE, we offer text-to-join, a feature that allows you to invite your current donor base into your mobile community. With a mobile community, you can ‘text-to-engage‘; in other words, you can text your donors via mobile and send regular updates, messages, and even videos to keep them engaged and connected.

We know how important it is to start building your mobile community today, so to help, ZGIVE is offering our entire donation platform subscription-FREE until January 2021!

To learn more about ZGIVE, go to For questions, or to schedule a free demo, email us at


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