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The Rise of Virtual Charity Auctions

The Rise of Virtual Charity Auctions

“Virtual auctions are a waste of time.” Are you sure? According to Nonprofit Source, 51% high-wealth donors prefer to give online. Virtual auctions are now one of the fastest, easiest, and most profitable ways to virtually reach major donors where they prefer to give.

Keep reading to learn why virtual auctions is the #1 way to raise money at virtual events.

The #1 Way to Raise Money at Virtual Events

Traditional charity auctions have been a fantastic way for nonprofits to build a friendly sense of competition and quickly raise lots of funds during fundraising events.

Not only is it fun for donors, but it’s a great way for supporters to mingle with staff, meet other supporters, and win desirable items and experiences while benefiting your charity. Plus, traditional auctions have helped nonprofits forge stronger corporate relationships that often evolve beyond donated items.

With the rise of COVID-19, more nonprofits than ever have been learning about the enormous benefit of running a successful online auction. These include:

  • Accessibility: Anyone can attend the auction - near or far!

  • Convenience: Supporters can bid right from their phones

  • Opportunity: More attendees and more bidders, means more funds raised

  • Entertainment: People are looking for new items and experiences to ease stay-at-home order boredom

  • Cost-effective: No costly venue, food, and beverage event overhead

  • Automated: Don’t have to worry about manual forms or keeping track of donated items

  • Variety: More formatting options and items to keep things interesting

  • Hassle-free: No hauling prizes to a venue, making displays, or worrying about check out or prizes getting left behind

  • Integration: Winners can be thanked more quickly, and donor data integrates more seamlessly with CRMs

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Virtual auctions are a high-impact way to reach high-wealth donors in a convenient, cost-effective, and fun format. Even if this is your first auction, the virtual format is so easy that even a novice can run a successful auction.

Fundraising, Simplified

ZGIVE makes it easy to raise money for your organization. To learn more about our virtual auction, please explore the rest of our resources here at You can also check out our non-profit auction software and see how you can start raising money for a good cause today!


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