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How to Plan a Spring Virtual Auction!

How to Plan a Spring Virtual Auction!

Follow these simple steps to plan a virtual spring auction and raise lots of money for your good cause.

We recently shared how to create a successful virtual auction event, so that would be a great first place to start if you’ve never held a virtual auction before. In this article, we’ll be covering a planning checklist and ideas and inspiration for spring virtual auctions.

Spring Virtual Auction: A Checklist

  • Establish a fundraising goal.

  • Determine an event date.

  • Decide on a clear fundraising event theme and tagline.

  • Create a calendar timeline.

  • Make a list of auction items needed with pricing.

  • Create a script to ask for potential auction item donations.

  • Begin taking high-resolution photos of your donation items, and add descriptions.

  • Promote your event via email, social media, press releases, a landing page, e-newsletter, and SMS messaging. (As a rule of thumb, try announcing your auction at least 3 months in advance, communicate at least twice a week, and one week out from your live auction, communicate daily.)

  • Do a run of a show a week in advance with your team to test technology.

  • After the live auction, send a thank-you to supporters and information for winners.

Ideas and Inspiration for Spring Virtual Auctions

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation

What United Healthcare Children’s Foundation did well here is create a fun, seasonal, and on-brand theme for a spring virtual auction.

Spring Auction

Wedgewood placed a thank-you message with frequently asked questions in promotion for its 2021 spring virtual auction. This makes it easy for donors to feel appreciated and in-the-know.

American Swedish Historical Museum

The American Swedish Historical Museum is keeping its spring virtual auction up for a few months before it closes. This way, supporters have plenty of time to view items, bid, donate, and more.

Spring in Bloom Virtual Auction

In this example, date, time, and contact information is clear. Pro tip: include an “add to calendar” like Macaroni Kid did!

The Easiest Virtual Auction Platform For Your Spring Event

Included in our state-of-the-art auction platform are digital registration tools to make registering for your event quick and easy. Use our scan-to-register QR code or Link-to-Register on your socials, website, and emails to encourage participation in your event.

Spring Virtual Auction Event banner

Learn more about ZGIVE’s virtual auction platform today. For questions, kindly send us an email at


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