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How To Make Your Digital Fundraising A Success

How To Make Your Digital Fundraising A Success

Have you ever wondered how to make your mobile giving more successful? In addition to having a robust mobile fundraising platform, this article provides some constructive tips. Below are three ideas to help take your fundraising to the next level.

  1. Make a video for your donors

  2. Customize your donation button and help it stand out!

  3. Make sure you have a great way to say thank you!  


An essential part of giving today is the use of video. Especially in times like COVID-19, where live events are canceled, it is essential to help your donors feel connected to you and your cause. A video is a way to tell your story, even a short video made from your home during quarantine will help put a human face on your organization. If your donor feels connected, they will most likely continue donating to you.

Does making a video sound hard? It doesn’t have to be. You can simply record a 2-minute video on your smartphone and share a story about how their contribution is actively making an impact. 


It is essential to make it easy for your donor to donate to you. Many times, people visit a website but have a hard time finding the donate button! And sometimes, after they finally locate and click the button, they are redirected again, and again until finally reaching your donation page. This experience can cause your donor to get frustrated and not go through with giving. A one-click donation experience is key to providing the BEST giving experience for your donor. 

You may also consider adding a call-to-action that features compelling language like ‘Help Feed A Child’ instead of just Donate. Adding a call-to-action to your donate button will communicate WHY they are giving to your organization, and HOW their gift will help. 


Saying thank-you is such a critical part of donor engagement. Although it is easy to do, sometimes with all of the other messaging priorities, it can be easy to forget. But saying thank you is critical to successful donor engagement. If the donors feel appreciated and know that their contribution is needed, they will most likely give again. This article suggests creating a thank-you page on your website to express appreciation and provide donors with information on how they are making an impact. 

Another great way to thank your donors is by sending them a text message. ZGIVE’s text-to-join feature allows you to send an email invite to your donor base with a link to join your mobile community. Another great tool is text-to-engage, which offers a way to communicate with your donor via text message (once they are opted-in) on an ongoing basis. With this feature, you can send donors videos or updates about your cause, ultimately helping them to feel like they are a part of your mission. 

We would love to help you take donor giving and engagement to the next level. And good news, the ZGIVE mobile donation platform is subscription-free until January of 2021. 


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