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How to Create Engaging Social Media Graphics in Canva - For Free

How to Create Engaging Social Media Graphics in Canva - For Free

As a nonprofit, you know the needs and challenges of spreading the word. With Canva for Nonprofits, you can start creating beautiful and custom social media templates in seconds. Learn how!

Design Anything - For Free - With Canva

Canva for Nonprofits has everything you need. From social media posts to presentations and infographics, you name it! With the Canva for Nonprofits program, you unlock all the premium features of Canva Pro – for free:

  • 420,000+ templates

  • 75 million+ images

  • 3.5+ million graphic elements

  • 3000+ fonts

  • Look professional with set and forget brand colors, fonts, and logos

  • Turn one graphic into many with Magic Resize

  • Unlimited folders and 100GB storage for all your designs

  • Bring your creativity to life with animations and GIFs

  • Use ZGIVE created templates with premium images

Here’s how:

  1. Fill out the application form

  2. Canva will verify your eligibility

  3. You’ll get an email confirmation

Social Media Templates

Social media campaigns can make a big impact on small nonprofits. That's why it's crucial to have a few sets of social media templates ready. If you don't have a graphic designer on the team and you run out of time to create as many social media graphics as they need, having a ready-to-use template can make a whole lot of difference in your campaigns.

Canva for Nonprofits helps solve that problem by offering thousands of free templates so that fundraisers can consistently promote branded campaigns across social media.

When working with templates, be sure to:

  • Use your brand fonts

  • Use your brand’s color numbers

  • Insert your logo

  • Pick a style that aligns with your brand

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you chose this Instagram template for your organization’s bake sale fundraiser:

Template Example

It’s beautiful! But you’ll need to change the fonts, colors, add your logo, and a website link at the bottom. See here:

Template after being editted.

Pro Tip: Create a brand kit on your team’s Canva account so that you don’t have to manually keep inserting your fonts, colors, and logos over and over again.

After selecting 10-20 templates, you think would work for your organization, simply create and save them to a folder called “social media templates.” This way, it’s even easier to update and share with your team.

ZGIVE Templates on Canva

ZGIVE, a digital event fundraising platform for nonprofits, has created templates for their nonprofit clients that are accessible on their Client Resources site. Choose from landing page templates, auction catalog templates, social media templates for auction promotion, giving campaigns, and marketing campaigns.

ZGIVE is here to make auction fundraising easier and more successful for you. Helping your nonprofit look good on your marketing and promotional collateral is just one of the ways that we help you simplify fundraising and maximize giving.

Learn more about ZGIVE by visiting


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