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Do You Have a Giving Tuesday Strategy? Now is the Time to Prepare!

Do You Have a Giving Tuesday Strategy?

December 1st may sound far away, but Giving Tuesday 2020 is going to be here before we know it! Does your nonprofit have a strategy? Now is the time to prepare.

Keep reading to learn Giving Tuesday’s power for charities, how to maximize funds raised, and a toolkit to set you up for success. 

What’s Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is one of the biggest, best, and most exciting giving days of the year. You’ve probably heard of it. But what is Giving Tuesday. . . really?

Founded in 2012, the nonprofit organization GivingTuesday began with the idea of confronting the holiday season’s widely popular consumeristic days of getting (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) with a day of giving. This idea quickly turned into the trending hashtag we now all know and love: #GivingTuesday. Ever since we’ve celebrated Giving Tuesday the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This year, that’s December 1st! 

Giving Tuesday is about encouraging a global movement of doing good. Whether that be donating to charity, volunteering their time, or just doing a random act of kindness. 

This has greatly benefitted the nonprofit community. In 2019, $511 Million was donated to charities worldwide. This year, Giving Tuesday is projected to bring in $605 Million for nonprofits!

What Should We Do For Giving Tuesday?

Don’t wait until November to start planning your Giving Tuesday game plan. Now is the time to prepare! 

Need some inspiration to get started? There are tons of different ways your nonprofit can participate in Giving Tuesday. Here’s are some creative ideas:

Craft a memorable campaign theme with images and graphics.

Donate $25 to Convoy of Hope

Recruit Peer-to-Peer fundraisers.

Maria's GivingTuesday Fundraiser For Winding Road Theater Ensemble

Host a live event.

Join the Global Giving Movement on December 3, 2019 - Banner

Start a classic “unselfie” social media campaign.


Create a challenge to encourage friendly competition, like the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Get your gift matched

Piece together a video series sharing stories of impact and inspiration.


Your ZGIVE Giving Tuesday Toolkit: a Step-by-Step Guide to Success

ZGIVE is here to help your nonprofit have its best Giving Tuesday ever. This all starts with having the right game plan and fundraising technology in place.

That’s why we’ve created this handy Giving Tuesday toolkit with just 10 simple steps to fundraising success with ZGIVE.

You’ll learn how to. . . 

  1.  Set your fundraising goals

  2.  Build a campaign theme

  3.  Develop your campaign narrative

  4.  Gather inspiring visuals

  5.  Schedule your communication

  6.  Organize your fundraisers

  7.  Do a “tech check” 

  8.  Implement and monitor

  9.  Celebrate and thank

Want to learn more about how you can host a successful online fundraising event? Be sure to keep posted in the ZGIVE blog! You can also head over to to learn more about our online auction platform today!


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