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5 Free Text-to-Engage Templates

5 Free Text-to-Engage Templates

Looking for a way to better engage your donors? With Text-to-Engage, you can easily and quickly reach supporters.

Keep reading for 5 free Text-to-Engage templates to get you started.


Sending testimonials is the top way to build engagement with supporters via text. Consider sharing stories of need, hope, inspiration, and impact.

Remember, testimonials don’t always have to feature those you serve; you can also share changed lives on your staff team, partners, major donors, volunteers, or Board of Directors.

Be sure to always attach a picture or short video to this short-and-sweet template:

“[FIRST NAME], meet [NAME OF PERSON IN TESTIMONIAL]. They want you to know how your support is helping change their life. “[INSERT 1 SENTANCE QUOTE FROM TESTIMONIAL.]”


Adding to the calendar! Engage top supporters by letting them be the first to know a special event is coming up. While these will mainly be fundraising events, they can also feature your organization’s anniversary, community happenings, and media features.

If you can, attach a save-the-date graphic to go with this template:

“Save the date, [FIRST NAME]! On 0/0/00, [ORG. NAME] is hosting [NAME OF EVENT]. [ANY ADDITIONAL DETAILS THEY SHOULD KNOW IN ONE SENTENCE]. Please add this special event to your calendar and help us spread the word.”

Urgent Request

Ever had a last-minute request for your supporters? Text-to-Engage is the perfect tool to quickly spread the word. Examples of urgent requests include prayers, in-kind donations, and last-minute fundraising needs (e.g., unexpected COVID-related needs).

Drive engagement by adding a website link to this template:

“[FIRST NAME], we need your help! We’ve got an urgent request for [NEED]. Please, [DONATE NOW/PRAY/CONTRIBUTE, ETC.]: [INSERT LINK].

Thank you for helping us continue to [INSERT MISSION]!”

Just For Fun

Text-to-Engage messages don’t have to be predictable, boring, or purely promotional. In fact, sheer clear of this! Mix in “just for fun” messages to remind supporters why they love your organization.

Bring smiles to your supporters face by customizing these templates to your program:

“[FIRST NAME], check out these smiling faces in the classroom today.” [ATTACH PICTURE]

“[FIRST NAME], look at this! We challenged [ORG NAME]’s CEO/Executive Director to [NAME OF CHALLENGE].” [ATTACH VIDEO]

“[FIRST NAME], watch this patient walk for the very first time.” [ATTACH VIDEO]

Mission Impact Update

Reach a new organizational milestone recently? Share it first with your loyal supporters via Text-to-Engage! Donors love impact stats because it demonstrates the tangible difference their dollars are making.

Try this impact template:


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