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February, 2022

This month, we talk crypto donations, something very important for every nonprofit to consider adding to their fundraising portfolio.


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March, 2022

In this edition, we challenge the status quo with cutting-edge tools, insights, and strategies designed to help nonprofits better engage with donors and take their fundraising to new heights.


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April, 2022

In this edition, we take on nonprofit branding and marketing and highlight the critical elements that all nonprofits need to know now.


Expensive design, strategy, and marketing are no longer the norm. Nonprofits now have affordable, accessible resources available, and it is more important than ever to show up well in order to capture your share of voice.


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 May, 2022 - LIVE MAY 19

In this edition, we talk about Millennials and Gen Z's, and how critical they are to the future of EVERY single nonprofit. While each group comes with its own nuances and preferences, what they have in common is very clear.


This combined demographic is highly philanthropic and very relational, and they live and breathe inside the digital world. Want to learn how to connect? We have answers for you inside of this month's ZGIVE INSIDER!


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