Virtual Jewelry READY-PULL


The Jewelry READY-PULL™ is a phenomenal way to raise extra dollars for your cause!


What is a Pull?  

Pulls are a quick digital fundraising solution that can be utilized throughout the year to raise money for your organization. Essentially, utilizing our giving campaign platform, you invite your donors to donate a certain amount to receive a pull item.  Pulls can be conducted virtually for jewelry, wreaths, gift baskets, or other products. The pull concept requires the donor to give a minimum donation in order to receive an item.


Unlike the typical pull event where the value of the items will vary, ZGIVE's approach ensures that each donor will receive a fantastic item for their donation- valued at the same price as all of the items in the collection. The pull collection will feature a set of items that will be distributed at random to participating donors.

As you can see, it's a win-win for participants who can feel great about supporting your nonprofit and receiving a fantastic item too! 

For the Jewelry Ready-Pull™, the minimum donation is $200. For every $200 donation, the participant receives a beautiful jewelry item valued at $400. 

ZGIVE will curate a beautiful variety of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for your virtual jewelry pull. We will also supply you with a campaign kit that includes: a campaign banner image, header descriptor, email template, SMS script, and pricing. We will also handle the purchase, payment, and delivery of the items to your organization where local donors can pick them up. 



To host a Jewelry READY-PULL™ purchase the Auction Pro Plus plan for $249 (per year)

For ZGIVE clients, sign up by emailing your Client Success Manager