One of the most popular product offerings in our READY-FUNDRAISING™ portfolio is READY-AUCTION™.

In order to have our nonprofits save time and make hosting a virtual auction even easier, we created an auction offering that is turnkey.

The READY-AUCTION™ comes with customized, branded social media graphics, a branded email invite,  all risk-free auction items, programming your auction portal, paying the vendors, and shipping the items to your recipients. 


The READY-AUCTION™ package valued at $499 is free to add to your Auction PRO plan until October 31st, 2021. (Auction event must be completed by December 31st, 2021).



A virtual auction event that is curated, themed and programmed for you by ZGIVE. 

This offering will help you:


  • Save time and effort and eliminate the need to secure donation items or create promotional collateral 

  • Create opportunities to engage and connect with your donors

  • Fundraise more often throughout the year 

  • Reach out to key demographics in your donor base

We have turnkey auctions ready to go, see below. To get started, sign up for ZGIVE, choose your event date, and promote the auction event to your audience.


Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 3.09.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 2.55.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 2.17.53 PM.png


Travel & Vacation Experiences, Gift Baskets, Jewelry, Home Decor, Accessories, and Autographed Sports, Movie, and Music Memorabilia

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 3.19.36 PM.png


Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and sets by Jewels With a Purpose

Midnight Blue and Cream Photo Mother's Day Instagram Post.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 3.20.12 PM.png


Gift Baskets
A variety of unique gift baskets for her, for him, for pets, for kids, and hand-crafted decor.

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 3.19.15 PM.png

Autographed Sports Memorabilia & Sports Travel/Experiences for the Sports Enthusiast

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 3.19.47 PM.png

Unique Vacation Packages & Experiences 

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 3.18.31 PM.png

Travel, Gift Baskets, and Unique Items for Pets & Owners

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 3.20.28 PM.png

Movie & Music 
Autographed Movie, Celebrity & Music Memorabilia  

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 2.07.09 PM.png

Golf Travel & Vacation Experiences, Gift Baskets, Decor, Celebrity-Signed Golf Memorabilia & More!

Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 4.47.19 PM.png



 Are READY-AUCTION events profitable for the nonprofit?

Yes! But keep in mind, profitability and success directly correlate to audience participation. A healthy number of participants mean more bidding and therefore items sell at more profitable price points.  A nonprofit organization must have a solid donor base in which to promote the event. Also, the organization must commit to marketing and promoting the event via email, social media, website prior to the event.

Who selects the items to be offered in the READY-AUCTION?


ZGIVE selects best-selling risk-free items that will be in the virtual auction based on the auction theme. We have a variety of themes that are appealing and relevant to many audiences.

Can I add my own items to a READY-AUCTION™?

Yes, you may add your own items to your digital auction by going on your portal and adding those directly to the scheduled event.

When should I hold a READY-AUCTION?

We provide several unique options for you to make fundraising easy for you and fun for your donors. It is not only a great digital fundraising solution but also a valuable donor engagement opportunity.  So the answer to that question is - host one whenever you like :)

 How does a nonprofit pay for risk-free items that are sold at the READY-AUCTION?


The money for your virtual auction will be directly deposited in your bank account. ZGIVE will charge the nonprofit using the credit card on file for the cost of the vendor items as well as the 5% performance fee.


Does ZGIVE handle payment of items from buyers?


Yes, our digital auction platform collects all payment and address information upfront during the initial registration process and handles the payment to the risk-free partners.


Does ZGIVE or vendors handle the shipping to our buyers? How much does shipping cost?


Yes, ZGIVE and/or our vendors will ship directly to your buyers. Shipping is sometimes free per the vendor. If shipping is a factor it will be included in the starting bid.

Can an organization request a custom READY-AUCTION?

Typically no, however, we do seek input from our clients. For a custom virtual auction event, contact your ZGIVE Client Success Manager.

Are the READY-AUCTION offerings always available?

Yes, the majority of our offerings are available year-round. If they are no longer available they will be removed from the option list.  Specialty auctions such as Mothers Day or Father's Day for example, are available during the respective month corresponding to the celebratory day.

How many items are in a READY-AUCTION?

We can scale each themed auction based on the number of registrants. Therefore we accommodate small, medium, or large auction events. However, the average amount of risk-free auction items typically falls around 40-50.