5 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs Text-to-Give

5 reasons why your nonprofit needs text-to-give

Today’s donors are more mobile-centric than ever. ZGIVE knows this and helps to effectively reach donors like never before by using what’s called Text-to-Give. This platform is a revolutionary method for paying donations with merely a few clicks from your mobile phone. Text-to-Give works by using a donor’s SMS as well as their phone’s web browser to send donations via texts.

By using the Text-to-Give platform, organizations can raise thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes. This article will help you understand how organizations can achieve such fantastic results by highlighting the 5 reasons why nonprofits use Text-to-Give.

1.   Have Convenience and Security

Essentially, Text-to-Give is a convenient, easy, and most importantly, secure platform that allows people to donate through text to a nonprofit in a matter of minutes. Once the initial system is set up by the organization, the donor can give to the campaign in just a few clicks.

2.   Pull Together Data All in One Place

Nowadays, the list of donors to an organization can be found in the company’s computer database. Likely, this information got there from someone having to type in each donor’s personal information manually. The good news, there’s a better way! Once a donor gives for the first time using Text-to-Give, the organization can collect their name, phone number, and email address. This can be useful for future campaigns by allowing donors to continue giving to the cause.

3.   Customize Your Fundraising

The process of raising funds for a nonprofit could never be simpler with this turn-key solution. The platform streamlines the way to arrange campaigns and accept donations by directing funds directly to the nonprofit immediately. Text-to-Give can be combined seamlessly with other fundraising methods. This solution helps to add another method of giving for your donors, that puts convenience at the forefront.

4.   Give the Donor What They Want

Organizations are facing a fundamental problem today when it comes to reaching the mobile-centric Millennials and Gen Zs. Most donors already text on a daily basis. The Text-to-Give giving platform offered by ZGIVE help the nonprofit reach out to Millennials and Gen Zs by presenting a recognizable format that makes donating easy. Also, donors love knowing that they made an impact. There are several ways for them to be able to know this, but one way is they could receive a video that summarizes the progress of the cause they donated to, helping them to feel a part of the mission. By presenting a mobile-centric solution to give, organizations find that donors are more likely to give and continue giving to future campaigns.

Text-to-Give is an incredible way to support, promote, and unleash generosity for charities and organizations like never before.

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