Why You Should Send Your Donors an E-Card

Why You Should Send Your Donors an E-Card

One of the questions that we get from our readers and clients is: why should nonprofits send e-cards to donors? What does it do and how can it help with a fundraising campaign? The answer's simple: e-cards strengthen relationships with donors or supporters.

Let's explore this topic a bit more in the examples we listed in this blog.

The #1 Reason Nonprofits Should Use E-Cards

In 2020, nonprofits are citing “donor disconnect” as a top fundraising challenge.

This comes as no surprise. Due to the pandemic, many nonprofits have not connected with donors face-to-face in nearly a year. From livestream events, to VIP breakout rooms, and virtual coffees, many charities have found innovative ways to stay connected with supporters. Still, the battle for maintaining donor relationships wages on as we continue navigating COVID-19.

E-cards are one of the best and most underutilized resources by nonprofits to connect with donors digitally.

The number one reason nonprofits should use them? To improve donor engagement.

E-cards are an easy and cost-effective way for nonprofits to creatively and personally reach out to supporters. E-cards help nonprofits:

  • Send personalized messages

  • Let donors know you are thinking about them

  • Drive supporters to your website

  • Keep donors up to date

  • Express gratitude and appreciation

  • Build trust with supporters

And so much more! Nonprofits can take advantage of e-cards this year to send greetings, remind supporters of its mission, and express gratitude for the support. Keep reading to learn how to start your nonprofit’s e-card and see examples for some inspiration.

How To Send E-Cards This Year

If the goal is donor engagement, it may be best not to include fundraising ask at the end. Remember, the e-card is a touchpoint to show your appreciation to supporters. Your first step is picking a platform to design and send e-cards with.

You can create beautiful, custom, and FREE e-cards through:

With DontSendMeACard, supporters can even send e-cards to their own friends and family to benefit your charity.

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