What to Say to Your Donors the Week of Thanksgiving

What to Say to Your Donors the Week of Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give thanks to your supporters. Let’s explore how your nonprofit can show gratitude.

Below, ZGIVE lays out 3 steps to communicate thankfulness.

1. Create a Video

A powerful message of supporter gratitude does not have to be complicated! Simply write a script of gratitude and have your Executive or Program Director record it on their iPhone or Zoom.

When it comes to a script, it’s best to keep it simple. Let’s say you want to create a 1-minute video. Try something like this:

“Thank you; two simple words that mean so much. Thank you for your support of [ORG NAME].

This year, in particular, your support has meant so much to our community. During these trying times, you have helped us keep our doors open. You’ve also helped us:




You have given us hope, and for that, we are deeply thankful.

Thank you for helping us accomplish our mission to [ORG MISSION]. We couldn’t do this important work without you. Thank you!”

2. Send it With Text-to-Engage

Now that you’ve got your gratitude video, it’s time to think about where to showcase it. Sending text-to-engage messages, especially during these trying times can help any organization's fundraising efforts.

To guarantee that 90% of supporters get the message, try sending a text message with ZGIVE’s Text-to-Engage feature. (Did you know that 90% of text messages are read within 90-seconds?)

Simply add the video clip to the text message with a sentence of gratitude. For example:

  • “[ORG NAME] is thankful for YOU.”

  • “This year, [ORG NAME] is giving thanks for YOU!”

  • “Thank you for your continued support of [ORG NAME].”

  • “[FNAME], from all of us at [ORG NAME], THANK YOU!”

You could link your video to a YouTube or Vimeo channel, but it’s best to attach a video that is under 2-minutes. That way, supporters can watch it directly inside the text. This increases the likelihood that they will actually watch it.

3. Don’t Forget to Email

Keep in mind that some supporters may not have signed up to receive your text messages. So, be sure to send an email to them with your gratitude video.

All you need is a simple introduction paragraph:


Thank you! Your support has meant the world to [ORG NAME] this year. To express our profound gratitude to you for helping us [INSERT MISSION], we created this 2-minute video for you.

[Insert screenshot of the video, linking to YouTube or Vimeo video]

From all of us at [ORG NAME], thank you!



Tools to Help You Share Your Message of Thanks

ZGIVE’s proprietary Text-to-Engage can help you tell your message of thanks. This feature will help supporters stay engaged in your organization and connected to your cause. With Text-to-Engage, nonprofits can seamlessly provide regular updates, share stories, videos, and solicit additional donation requests via text messaging.

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