Want an Easy Way to Boost Fundraising in 2020?

Want an Easy Way to Boost Fundraising in 2020?

Every nonprofit organization wrestles with the same question. How can we raise more money in the coming year? It is a known fact that resources typically outpace demand, and savvy nonprofits work hard to increase fundraising revenue and continue growing their organization. Text-to-give, a recent addition to the fundraising landscape, is better than ever and quickly changing the game of how we give. What is Text-to-Give Exactly? Essentially, text-to-give is a mobile technology that helps nonprofits securely raise money using SMS. With a quick text, nonprofits can invite potential donors to give by texting a specific keyword to a toll-free number on their mobile device. This speedy method of soliciting donations takes less than a minute and is making the experience of giving much faster, easier, and more secure. Much has changed in the world of text-to-give and concerns with high carrier fees, donor data gathering, and long donation processing times are a thing of the past. New text-to-give technology is state-of-the-art, and nonprofits are jumping onboard this platform to quickly and efficiently grow their donor base and their bottom line. 5 Reasons To Use Text-to-Give:

  • Make donating and receiving money easier. Text-to-give offers speedy transactions of funds in a matter of a few taps and clicks, which are collected in your organization’s bank account immediately. With just a few easy clicks, your donors can give to your campaign. Funds show up in your nonprofit’s bank account within days.

  • Gather donor data efficiently. Once donors give, you’ll be able to collect their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Store donor information to improve retention, while making it easy for your donors to re-engage. Then export donor data to your mailing list and customer relationship management system.

  • Increase donor engagement. Regularly engage with your donor base with text-to-engage, a feature that ZGIVE designed to help nonprofit organizations share updates, videos, and stories with donors– helping them feel more connected to your cause and a part of your mission.

  • Reach a new audience of donors. Mobile-centric donors such as Millennials and GenZ’s want to give to your cause through their mobile devices. Securely capture and store their essential information, such as their name, email address, and mobile number and loop them into your text-to-engage campaigns.

  • Combine text-to-give with other fundraising strategies. Combine your text-to-give efforts with other fundraising methods such as using it at live events, on signage, direct mail, radio campaigns, and more to maximize your fundraising abilities.

At ZGIVE, our goal is to help nonprofit organizations turbo-boost their fundraising through mobile donations. With three easy and simple steps, donors can quickly and efficiently process donation payments. Want to take your fundraising to the next level in 2020? Click Get Started below to learn more.