Top 3 Mobile-Giving Trends For 2020

Top 3 Mobile-Giving Trends for 2020

Mobile giving is not rocket science. However, you might think it is based on the sheer number of nonprofits who are confused by how it actually works, but we can assure you, it’s not. Mobile giving has one of the easiest onboarding processes and widest user adoptions in the digital fundraising space. Best of all, 2020’s top mobile-giving trends are intuitive improvements to familiar trends.


Would you be surprised to know that donors report that they want to be texted more frequently by nonprofits? Donors say they want to get to know the charities they support on a more personal level. If texting could help nonprofits deepen their relationships with donors in a quick and affordable way, it would be crazy not to invest in this texting trend. What makes mobile giving so successful is that users from anywhere in the world can receive and send texts to and from nonprofits. The choice to donate is literally at the tip of their fingers. On average, it takes 90 seconds to respond to a text, versus 90 minutes by e-mail. How’s that for quick? Still, every trend has its drawbacks – and texting is no exception. Frequent texts sent by unknown shortcodes can come off as spammy, potentially making organizations appear less trustworthy.

Social Media Fundraising

Social media fundraising is a trend that won’t be leaving anytime soon. The last decade has repeatedly proven this. Social media fundraising is growing at an exponential rate. Nonprofits Source says 55 percent of people who engage with non-profits on social media end up taking some action. This means nonprofit organizations have the opportunity to continue to build a solid social media supporter base. This base, over time, can then be used to find your next best life-long donors. It will be more important than ever for nonprofits to publish mission-driven content to attract the right followers. In doing so, a nonprofit is more likely to find individuals who will convert into donors. In 2020, you can expect to see social media platforms building more robust fundraising options like Facebook. With that, we anticipate more nonprofits will find themselves struggling to keep up, maintain growth, and innovate.

Segmented Content

You may think your message has to be in uniformity to send to supporters, but we are here to debunk that myth. When it comes to fundraising content, the more personalized, the better. In 2020, donors will expect tailored messages to strike meaningful and relevant engagement. Nonprofit organizations must categorize and customize their data according to various donor segments if they want to see improved ROI. Organizations that focus on customizing messages for their donors have a much higher chance of garnering donations. Let’s say you only vary your messages in three ways: current donors (have donated in the last 12-months), lapsed donors (“LYBUNT”), and in-kind-only donors. Even so, your texts will be much more likely to succeed in 2020. Alright, tell us: what 2020 mobile-giving predictions should be added to this list?