To Give Or Not To Give? ZGIVE Shares the Scoop on Text-To-Give for Non-Profit Organizations

To give or not to give?

Here at ZGIVE, we thankfully know a thing or two about mobile-giving technology. In fact, our business revolves entirely around helping non-profit organizations raise more money for their cause, with text-to-give technology. Our platform has been engineered to help non-profit organizations turbo-boost their fundraising through mobile donations. With 3 easy and simple steps, donors can quickly and easily process donation payments through Apple Pay, Google Play, and lastly, credit card scan – the best part is, it only takes 30 seconds to do so!

So What is Text-to-Give Anyway?

Essentially, text-to-give is a feature that utilizes mobile technology to helps nonprofits securely raise money for causes anytime and anywhere by simply sending a text link to their donor on their mobile device. And want to know why this strategy has proved itself to be successful? You guessed it; it’s because texting has become a part of our normal, everyday routine because most people are now on their mobile almost 24/7. This speedy method of soliciting donations has allowed non-profit organizations to receive immediate funds, which would otherwise have taken several days, or even several months to achieve. Text-to-give is fast, simple, and secure.

Why You Should Invest In Text-To-Give

Non-profit organizations thrive on donations to support their cause and organizational infrastructure. Text-to-give is fully secure and every donor’s private information remains only with the non-profit organization. It is also a great way to augment fundraising efforts and reach donors who would otherwise not give through traditional methods. This method of giving is ideal for mobile-centric donors such as Millennials and Gen Z’s who prefer to give via mobile to the causes they support.

So, What's the Text-to-Give Takeaway?

  • ZGIVE’s text-to-give offers speedy transactions of funds in a matter of a few taps and clicks which are received in your organization’s bank account immediately.

  • Reach a new audience of donors that want to give to your cause through their mobile device. Securely capture and store their essential information such as their name, email address, and mobile number.

  • Stay in regular contact with your donor base with text-to-engage, a feature that is designed to help non-profit organizations share updates, videos, and stories with donors on the impact they are making – helping them feel more connected to your cause and a part of your mission.

At ZGIVE, our goal is to help nonprofits raise more money for their cause and make a bigger impact. Want to take your fundraising to the next level? We promise, it’s simple, and only a text away J.