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Social Media For Nonprofits: 3 Foolproof Strategies

Setting up campaigns on social media for nonprofits can come with numerous challenges. It’s easy to feel stuck with getting started, growing a following, or building engagement. The good news is, there are at least 3 foolproof strategies nonprofit organizations can use to find forward momentum.

1. Embrace Livestream & Video Content

In 2022, Cisco reports that video will receive 82 percent of all online traffic. There is no more attention-grabbing social media strategy than videos, especially live streams. When your nonprofit hits the ‘go live’ on Facebook or Instagram, all followers immediately get a notification. That’s not something you get when posting text, pictures, or videos. You can capture and keep the attention of supporters on a live stream in a unique way by fielding questions to build engagement. This way, supporters really feel like they are a part of the conversation.

And video works! On average, 57 percent of people who watch a nonprofit video make a donation. If your nonprofit isn't using video as a tool to connect with your community and raise more funds, now is the time to begin.

Here are some video content ideas to get your charity started:

  • Q&A: interview your Executive Director or Program Director so followers get to know (and trust!) your leadership even more

  • Behind the Scenes: followers love to see how you run your events, programs, and normal days at the office

  • DIY: teach your followers something related to your mission, vision, or program

  • Celebrate: Have your nonprofit’s Executive Director or CEO send out a quick thank-you message to celebrate organizational milestones

  • Updates: Keep your followers up-to-date by sharing the content of your newsletter updates with supporters

  • Survey: Hop online and ask supporters what they want to see more of from you on your social media account.

2. Keep Your Profiles Up-to-Date

This one might sound elementary, but you’d be surprised how many nonprofits have outdated social media profiles. Especially after 2020.

We’re flagging this as a must-have social media priority due to all the non-stop change nonprofits have faced (and will continue facing) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Set a reminder on your calendar to do a maintenance check once a month, to make sure all of your nonprofit’s social media profiles are up to date.

Check for:

  • Updated contact information

  • Correct links to external sites (e.g., website, donate button)

  • Updated profile pictures

  • Updated cover photos

  • Low-performing posts that need to be deleted or archived posts

  • Missed tagged posts and messages

3. Create Original Campaigns

Most importantly, nonprofits that will rise to the top on social media will be trailblazers. They’re not necessarily looking to the right or to the left, comparing themselves to other charities and the following suit after. Instead, they’re embracing unique social media campaigns that will set them apart.

Think of viral content on social media for nonprofits over the years (e.g., ALS ice bucket challenge), they all have one thing in common: originality. Viral videos and images are typically first-of-its-kind stories or ideas. Inspire your followers with posts that have never been done before. Think about what makes your mission and impact unique.

Brainstorm ways you can create messages, social media graphics (using tools like Canva), videos, live streams, stories, competitions, and more based on that.

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