Should Nonprofits Text-Enable Their 10-Digit 800 Number?

Should Nonprofits Text-Enable Their 10-Digit 800 Number?

If your nonprofit does not use text-enabling for mobile giving and communication, it’s missing out. Text-enabled toll-free numbers, commonly referred to as TETFNs, have become quite popular thanks to their ability to instantly enhance communication and enable mobile giving with an organization’s audience.

How Do TETFNs Work?

Once an organization activates its ten-digit 800 TETFN, it can use the number to solicit donations through text messaging. Also, the nonprofit can send messages back and forth with recipients (after, of course, first receiving consent!) that can include confirmation messages, donation reminders, important updates, promotional messages, stories, and much more. TETFNs are an excellent method of personalized communication, which is why we have listed these top three reasons why nonprofits should use TETFNs :

TETFNs Are a Speedy & Convenient Way to Fundraise & Communicate

If there were only three reasons why nonprofits should text-enable their ten-digit 800 number, it would be speed, security, and convenience. Living in this day and age of instant gratification and convenience, it is imperative that organizations don’t miss these golden opportunities to securely engage and communicate as quickly as possible with their constituents. Any delay in communication can create a negative brand image and may expose nonprofits to losing their support base in the long run. Supporters expect speed and convenience; TETFNs can help you offer that in a way, phone calls, emails, and even social media can’t.

TETFNs Won’t Break the Bank

TETFNs are not only a quick method of mobile giving and donor communication but a much cheaper option than conventional shortcodes. TETFNs are not entirely free, but comparing them to paying for dedicated shortcodes or mainstream channels of communications such as phone calls, TETFNs can drastically reduce an organization’s cost and amp up ROI almost immediately. Text-enabling toll-free numbers pave the way for nonprofits to cut down on call holds by converting them into text messages. With this, your staff no longer has to worry about handling several calls at once; they will have the luxury of sending callers automated and personalized text messages. Plus, your donors’ communication with the organization will be consistently good.

TETFNs Improve Client Engagement

You would be amazed by how many individuals text a nonprofit’s toll-free number only to be met with disappointment. While many industries, such as healthcare and beauty, have opted for text-enabling their toll-free numbers to confirm appointments, countless industries have yet to adopt this smart method of communication. If organizations – especially nonprofits – continue to keep their toll-free numbers disabled for text messaging and giving purposes, it can easily lead to supporters thinking the organization does not care about engaging with them as it should and get left behind. With TETFNs, organizations can communicate in ways that are impossible over the phone by attaching images, website links, and even videos – all within 90-seconds or less. Using this method of communication improves retention and reduces time waste on both ends. Stop missing out and get started with text-enabling your ten-digit 800 number. Want to learn more, visit us at ZGIVE.com.