QR Codes Wanted by Gen-Zs and Millennials, ZGIVE Study Finds

QR Codes Wanted by Gen-Zs and Millennials, ZGIVE Study Finds

If you had to guess, how do you think Gen-Zs and Millennials prefer to give to charity? We at ZGIVE conducted a study to find out. And you might be surprised to learn the fact that Gen-Zs and Millennials have a strong preference for using QR codes when donating to charity drives. We conducted a nationwide survey that involved 400 nonprofits to understand their most urgent technology and fundraising needs. 

We learned that nonprofits were desperate for an easy mobile-giving solution, targeting Gen-Z and Millennial donors – who now represent 70 percent of the world’s population, and growing. Why? Gen-Zs and Millennials prefer to give via mobile to charity. Mobile-giving solutions include donation pages, texting, QR codes, mobile kiosks, social media, email giving, smartphone apps, and more. 

Surveyed nonprofits agreed that an easy mobile-giving solution included the same three elements: 

  1. Simple set-up

  2. Easy navigation for donor dashboard management

  3. Personal software support

That’s why we based the creation of ZGIVE, our mobile-giving platform, on the idea of simplified fundraising. Let’s make online fundraising easier for nonprofits and its supporters. ZGIVE’S Exclusive QR Code Scan-to-Give Product for Nonprofits is Here One new product we just launched to reach mobile-centric Gen-Z and Millennial donors are what we call Scan-to-Give (QR Codes). Generally speaking, fundraising with QR Codes is not a new fundraising tool. In the early 2010s, QR Codes made the most popular “Top Fundraising Tech Trends” lists out there! However, we have created a QR Code product for nonprofits that no one else offers.  What’s unique about our Scan-to-Give product is that it simultaneously captures the supporter’s mobile-numbers for ongoing engagement. By winning the donor’s mobile number, it’s even easier for nonprofits to provide continuing engagement to the next generation of donors. ZGIVE’S new Scan-to-Give (QR Code) product allows donors to give faster, bypassing the need to input a number or keyword. With just a quick camera scan, the user can immediately donate directly from their mobile device.  How Can Nonprofits Use Scan-to-Give (QR Code) to Fundraise? There are many ways for nonprofits to use the Scan-to-Give (QR Code) technology to maximize donations. In the last decade, one of the most commonly effective ways to use Scan-to-Give donation options is at fundraising events. As seen in the picture below, display the QR Code on banners, PowerPoint presentations, and handouts. Then, donors take a picture of the code, and your donation link is texted right to them. It both removes the hassle of having to type it in their browsers and ensures they will give it with the right donation link.

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But wait! There’s more. Here are 30+ ways nonprofits can use QR Code Scan-to-Give to increase funds raised:

  1. Fundraising appeals

  2. Print newsletters

  3. Galas

  4. Marathons

  5. Flyers

  6. Community boards

  7. Billboards

  8. Offices

  9. Protests

  10. Conferences

  11. Check-out lines

  12. Tabletops in restaurants

  13. Playbills.

  14. Museum tour materials

  15. Scavenger hunts

  16. City tours

  17. Concerts

  18. Sporting events

  19. Art walks

  20. Zoos

  21. Coffee shops

  22. Buses

  23. Aquariums

  24. Animal shelters

  25. Libraries

  26. Parks and outdoor recreation venues

  27. Churches

  28. College and university campuses

  29. Airports

  30. Window displays

  31. T-shirts

  32. Mugs

  33. Pens

  34. Business cards

  35. and more! 

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For more information about ZGIVE’s new QR Code Scan-to-Give product, as well as Text-to-Give and Text-to-Engage products, go to https://www.zgive.com.