QR Codes And Sustainability: An Environment-Friendly Move

QR Codes

One of the most essential aspects of mobile giving to us at ZGIVE is that it is eco-friendly. One aspect of our mobile-giving services is QR Codes. As this article discusses, QR Codes build transparency and trust with users in a truly sustainable fashion.

Offering your supporters, the option of scanning a QR Code will help your nonprofit reduce its printing and set-up costs compared to more traditional forms of fundraising. Not to mention, scanning a QR Code is as easy as taking a picture. QR Codes are the next generation of giving, and we believe it is here to stay.

QR Codes And Sustainability: An Environment-Friendly Move

Sustainability or the capacity for the biosphere and humans to co-exist concerns, everyone. The recent ongoings such as the wildfires of the Amazon rainforest and Australia are clear indications of ecological imbalance. And anything that affects the environment, affects us both as individuals and as a community. Hence, it is important that we take small … Continue reading