Putting Text-to-Donate to Work for Your Nonprofit

Putting Text-to-Donate to Work for Your Nonprofit

As this article outlines, Text-to-Give only takes a few simple steps to implement for nonprofits. ZGIVE’s mobile giving platform makes it particularly easy and automated. Here are the steps to creating a text-to-give campaign:

  1. Create a new campaign name

  2. Choose a keyword like ‘give’ or ‘donate’

  3. Upload a compelling image 

  4. Write a thank-you note to your donor

  5. Include a link to your website 

“More often than not,” this article adds, “introducing text-to-donate as a giving option will benefit your donors. It’s a quick and convenient way for them to donate.” On ZGIVE, Text-to-Give is a turnkey solution not only for supporters but for nonprofits to set-up and maintain. Plus, ZGIVE is mobile-optimized and includes a Text-to-Engage feature for nonprofits to continue the conversation with supporters post-donation.