Is Mobile Giving The Future of Fundraising?

Is mobile giving the future of fundraising?

Gone are the days of slipping coins in the jar for your local fundraiser.

Today is all about staying up-to-date with the newest, most innovative ways of raising funds. Fundraisers, nonprofit organizations, and donors alike have one concern: how can we raise funds immediately and effectively? The answer to that question is simple, mobile-giving. Before the rise of mobile giving, the fundraising community was accustomed to donating only the necessary amount requested by the cause. Now,  thanks to globalization and technological advancements, an exponential amount of funds are being generated from every corner of the world, making a more dynamic impact on charity and giving. Let’s explore the top two ways mobile-giving technology is transforming the future of fundraising.

To Push or To Pull?

If you have ever studied business, you are probably familiar with the term ‘push and pull’ marketing. For decades now, companies have implemented push marketing as their go-to marketing strategy to pull in customers. Push marketing is done through the means of sending customers direct mail, posting printed ads, and developing websites to raise brand awareness. Essentially, push marketing means it’s on the business to spread the message through their various channels of communication to receive a response and get customers to take action. Pull marketing, on the other hand, is when businesses invest their time and energy in building relationships with their audience. The goal in this marketing strategy is to engage with customers and, through fortifying a relationship with them, get them to take action voluntarily. Social media helps nonprofits capitalize on both push and pull marketing. Organizations can push hyper-targeted ads on social media while also developing relationships with their followers. In doing so, they can cultivate a team-like atmosphere, which plays a significant role in accelerating mobile-giving strategies like Peer-to-Peer fundraising.

Text-To-Give – The Real MVP

The truth is, everyone knows how to use a smartphone, and most are pretty much glued to it. So, it is not surprising that what was once accomplished with a phone call is now completed through a few taps and clicks. The same is true for fundraising. Text-to-give, a relatively recent mobile-giving technology platform, does exactly what it sounds like it would do by enabling supporters to make donations through brief text messages. Donating could not get easier than this. Supporters simply text a keyword to a phone number belonging to the nonprofit of their choice, which directs them to the organization’s donation page, and the amount is deducted from their credit card. After donating, the supporter receives a thank-you text notification to confirm their payment. Text-to-give is not only an easy method of donor acquisition but of donor retention. It does so by encouraging back and forth messaging between the donor and nonprofit, which keeps donors feeling connected. When donors feel connected to your nonprofit, they are more likely they are to become lifelong donors. Register to learn more about ZGIVE’s mobile-giving.