How to Start a Monthly Giving Program

How to Start a Monthly Giving Program

So, you want to start a monthly giving program, but you don’t know where to begin? This blog will work you through your first few steps to get the ball rolling.

What Is a Monthly Giving Program?

A monthly giving program is what fund development teams offer to their supporters to make a long-term, sustainable impact with their recurring donations. These programs vary, depending on the organization’s size, but generally speaking, and any nonprofit can start one!

Benefits of monthly giving

  • A steady, reliable flow of gifts - makes budgeting for programs more manageable.

  • Less administrative work - monthly gifts are automated.

  • Donors are invested for the long haul - retention rates are over 90%!

  • A sustainable form of giving - for both the donor and fund development programs.

  • Invites supporters to make a long-term impact - each and every month.

Need we say more? Keep reading for steps to help you start your monthly giving program!

5 Steps To Start Your Monthly Giving Program

1. Set up recurring donations. Simply go to the donation form on your website, and turn on “monthly recurring donations” as an option. You may even consider setting it as your supporter’s default payment method.

2. Create a monthly donor confirmation email. Set it and forget it! Make sure that you set up your recurring gifts to email a thank-you gift receipt each month. Test it by starting with yourself! After all, if you don’t believe in the program, why should others?

3. Reach out to potential monthly donors. Now that you’re all set up to start receiving and thanking donors for their monthly giving, ask! Top candidates for prospective monthly givers include: has donated several times, tends to give in smaller amounts, and has donated in the last year. Send them an email asking them to become a monthly donor, clearly communicating what different dollar amounts would do each month (e.g., $50/month vs. $100/month) with visuals and graphics. Don’t forget to send a follow-up email a week later, asking if they would consider becoming a monthly supporter!

4. Announce your monthly giving program. Once you’ve invited your top donors to join your monthly giving program, spread the word to the rest of your community. Share the news in a text message, social media post, newsletter, and at your next fundraising event. Some nonprofits find it helpful to give their monthly giving program a memorable name, like “Ambassadors of Hope,” or “Partners in Hope.”

5. Communicate the monthly giving program benefits. A monthly giving program is an excellent opportunity to bring your community of supporters together. Consider creating a private Facebook or LinkedIn group (wherever your supporters are) exclusive to monthly supporters. Or, consider a special monthly email and text message. Share with them the tangible impacts they’re making each month with exclusive testimonials, videos, pictures, and program updates. You can also welcome new members and ask them to share why they support your cause and recognize monthly supporters giving anniversaries.

Monthly giving is not hard to start or grow - it just takes a few easy steps! You’ll see the long-term impact on your programs in no time. Start your monthly giving program today with ZGIVE to simplify fundraising and maximize giving for your nonprofit. Visit zgive.com to learn more today!