How to Get Donors More Excited About Giving

How to Get Donors More Excited About Giving

We all love free stuff. There’s just something so satisfying about it. Think about the last time you went to a sports event and they threw free t-shirts into the crowd. Everyone went wild, right? People who could have easily afforded a ten-dollar shirt stood up, yelled, and wildly waved their hands in the hopes of being one of the lucky few to catch the prize. It’s funny if you think about it.

If your nonprofit’s donors are less enthusiastic about donating than getting a free t-shirt lately, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Sometimes all it takes to energize your core donor base is trying something new. Regularly taking time to get creative with your fundraising strategies can help get your donors more excited about giving. One of the most popular ways to raise more funds today is by giving away free stuff.

The Concept of Free Stuff

Free. It typically comes with a variety of strings attached: BOGO, buy one get 50%, free 30-day trial, gift with subscription, free today-only with a purchase, free in exchange for an email address, and more. As consumers, we see these free offers and giveaways every day. Even though we know companies are ultimately trying to get us to spend money – we still find them exciting. Dan Ariely explains in his book ‘Predictably Irrational,’ this ‘free’ phenomenon. People are more willing to change their behavioral patterns and comply when something free comes along with it. Free, he says, is less about the logical price and more about the powerful emotional trigger of winning and feeling special.

Donate-To-Win is a Key Fundraising Strategy   

One way ZGIVE helps nonprofits to raise more money using this concept of free stuff is by offering a donate-to-win strategy.

For example, are you a nonprofit that helps dogs? Offer a donate-to-win campaign with a gift basket of products for dogs, sponsored by one of your local pet supply stores. In exchange, the local pet supply store gets free marketing to your donors by including products and information about their business in the gift basket. Mobile-giving, such as text-to-give or scan-to-give, makes the gift basket easy to set up and manage.

Or, does your nonprofit have ties to a big name, such as a sports celebrity? Getting signed swag and conducting a donate-to-win campaign is a great way to engage your sports fans.

The Ultimate Prize

The ultimate prize of a donate-to-win campaign is that donors feel good about giving – and fast. So much so that hopefully, they will want to donate again and again to your nonprofit. One of the easiest ways to ensure this donor retention through a donate-to-win campaign is to thank your donors, so they know you appreciate them. Just a quick follow-up text is all they need to feel great about giving far beyond the initial excitement of the prize.

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