How Should Nonprofits Collect Online Donations?

How Should Nonprofits Collect Online Donations?

There are all sorts of ways for nonprofits to collect online donations. QR codes. Text-to-Give. Donate pages. Peer-to-peer campaigns. How do you narrow down what’s right for your nonprofit?

This article will explore how nonprofits can collect donations online with ZGIVE, making fundraising simplified.

Options for Collecting Donations Online With ZGIVE

At ZGIVE, we know it can be daunting; finding the right solution for online donation collection for your nonprofit is often a complicated process. We believe in making fundraising simplified. That’s why we’ve designed an all-in-one, turnkey solution for nonprofits to collect donations.

1. Online Giving

At the bare minimum, all nonprofits need a simple online donation collect form. This is the “donate” form that is embedded in your nonprofit’s website. With ZGIVE, you can enable your donor to give on any device, from anywhere in the world - fast, easy and securely.

2. Text-to-Give

With the rise of mobile giving (well over 50%), Text-to-Give is a strategic way to solicit and receive donations instantly. Did you know that 90% of text messages are read within 90 seconds? Best of all, one report found a whopping 84 percent of text-to-pledge gifts are fulfilled!

ZGIVE’s Text-to-Give feature includes digital wallet payment options that younger donors love, like Google Pay and Apple Pay. ZGIVE also pre-checks the 'give monthly' and 'pay processing fees' option for you so that these donors are more likely to give more over an extended period. Incorporate ZGIVE’s Text-to-Give into your existing fundraising efforts to maximize giving potential.

3. Scan-to-Give

Engage your tech-savvy Millennial and Gen-Z donors with a QR code from ZGIVE that allows them to give faster and bypass the need to input a number or keyword. If you aren’t familiar, QR Codes are quick response barcodes that a donor scans with their smartphone to contribute to charity.

All a supporter needs to do is open their camera app and point it toward a QR code. Within a few seconds, they will receive a pop-up notification with a link, sending them to your website’s donation check-out page. This is a recommended feature to incorporate into virtual fundraisings, such as a live stream.

4. Text-to-Engage

Text-to-Engage allows you to stay in touch with donors, improving your nonprofit’s all-important donor retention strategy. This is as simple as adding mobile numbers to your database for ongoing communication and re-marketing campaigns. For example, you can strengthen donor relationships by sending impact stories, videos, encouragement, thank-yous, event announcements, volunteer opportunities, and more!

Campaign Management Made Easy

Once you collect online donations, your nonprofit needs a campaign management system to easily view transactions, measure donation volume, and review campaign success.

At ZGIVE, that’s exactly what we’ve made. Our platform will allow you to review all of your donor’s transactional data. Our dashboard makes it simple to navigate between donations, donor info, and communication. If you’d like, all of this incredible donor data can be quickly downloaded as a .csv file to transfer to your CRM. Smaller nonprofits often find that our campaign management system is sufficient to utilize as a donor database.

The Support You Need and Deserve

The thing we hear the most from our nonprofit partners is that they need a secure, user-friendly online fundraising platform that comes with support. 

Our 24X7 support staff is always standing by for ongoing support when you need it. If you ever have a question or concern about what to do next with your nonprofit’s online giving process, we’ll be right there.

We understand this is support nonprofits need and deserve. Your organization is changing the world! The least we can do is be there to support you along the way.

Ready For Virtual Fundraising?

To help your nonprofit with donation collection through this challenging time, ZGIVE is offering our entire donation platform subscription-FREE until January 2021! To set up a free demo and learn more about ZGIVE, go to www,zgive.com. For questions, email ZGIVE at questions@zgive.com.