Does Mobile-Giving Matter to Your Major Donor Strategy?

Does Mobile-Giving Matter to Your Major Donor Strategy?

Does Mobile-Giving Matter to Your Major Donor Strategy? “Our major donors don’t care about mobile-giving.” Are you sure about that? According to Nonprofit Source:

  • Major donors prefer to give online. 51% of high-wealth donors ($200k+) prefer to give online.

  • Major donors engage with social media. 55% of people who engage with nonprofits on social media end up taking some sort of action.

  • Major donors are more accessible to reach via text. It takes 90 seconds to respond to a text, versus 90 minutes by email.

  • All generations of major donors can be reached via mobile. 91% of Americans own a smartphone.

Mobile-giving may not be central to the strategy of woo-ing major donors yet, but it should be a part of the process. After all, it is the fastest and easiest way to reach them.

How Mobile-Giving Fits Into Major Donor Strategies

In the acquisition process, finding and reaching new major donors largely depends on prospecting donor data and using the right line of communication. Once a donor is assumed to be “highly likely to donate,” an introduction from a board member, executive staff, partner, or major donor is typically involved. This is usually in the form of an email introduction and phone call. Sometimes a text message to follow-up. After an initial meeting, or on the way to the meeting, text messages are usually engaged to thank the potential donor for their time. Think about it: all of this was done on a mobile device! Once a major donor is ready to donate, the majority – regardless of their generation – will donate via credit card on your website. More than 60 percent will end up making their contribution with a smartphone. Mobile-giving helps you seal the deal. In the stewardship phase, it is critical to thank major donors for their contribution to your nonprofit organization’s mission. This usually involves an email thank-you receipt, a handwritten thank-you card, a personal email or phone call, and a follow-up meeting. Eventually, the major donor may tour your organization to see their donation in action. However, for many organizations, especially international, this isn’t a possibility.

That’s where text messaging major donors come into play again. You can text major donors to engage them in the stewardship process months after their donation with pictures, videos, and inspiring stories to remind donors why their partnership matters to you. If major donors repeatedly see how their contributions make an impact, they will be more likely to continue giving in the future. As noted above, reminding them in an email is effective, but text messages are far more likely to be read. In retention, nonprofit organizations try to figure out how to keep their major donors around. This dance incorporates many aspects mentioned in the acquisition and stewardship phase. One way mobile-giving impacts this phase in deciding to donate again with a one-time, corporate, DAF, or monthly gift easier. If you simply text a link to donate in a manner of three clicks or less, major donors are more likely to commit. Your major donors may not tell you they value mobile giving, but they most certainly do. Learn more about ZGIVE’S mobile-giving platform