COVID-19 Is a Crisis, Here’s How To Avoid Your Own

COVID-19 Is a Crisis, Here’s How To Avoid Your Own

This COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly made things very uncertain, and it’s easy to react by panicking or stopping progress altogether. This article provides some great points on how your nonprofit can stay focused and even move forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are three key points from this article to get you going!

  1. Don’t Cut Your Fundraising Budget

  2. Small Donors Matter 

  3. Communicate the Message of Your Cause

First of all, yes, budget and finances are a touchy subject at the moment, but something to consider is not cutting your fundraising budget because charitable donations, for the most part, do not decline during times of crisis. It may seem bleak right now, but donations will keep coming in IF you are engaging with your audience regularly. Strategically reaching out to solicit additional support during this time, will help your donors better understand your needs, and likely prompt them to want to help.

Secondly, focus on your smaller monthly donors. Maybe they don’t contribute in large amounts, but many are loyal givers who may be more easily encouraged to give more or give monthly. It can be tempting to put all efforts toward the more prominent donors because of how much more money they bring in, however, it is the smaller donors that generally contribute the most to your bottom line.

Finally, stick to messaging your cause and organizational mission. It may seem like a good idea to try and win donors by overusing the situation of the COVID crisis. However, it is best to keep focused on the original mission and message of your organization instead of the pandemic. Now, for example, is a great time to make a short video that summarizes your organization’s cause and stories of impact and sending that out to your donors via email, text, or on socials. Communicating the purpose of your nonprofit on video will help you better connect with your donor base on an emotional level, and as a result, further increase their loyalty to you.

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