Can Mobile Giving Help Your Church?

Can Mobile Giving Help Your Church?

The week before Easter, a church signed up for mobile giving. Their goal? To generate more mobile giving during their online worship services. Within the FIRST month of inviting their audience to give via text-to-give and scan-to-give, they raised an additional equivalent representing 5% of their yearly budget!

Another larger church created a text-to-engage and give campaign targeted at a list of people who were no longer actively attending. With just one campaign, they generated thousands of dollars in less than one day!

Does this sound good? Well, this can be your church too!


As a mobile giving company working daily with churches across the country, we understand that some of the most critical issues pastors are now facing include how to:

· Encourage giving and sustain monthly support without in-person worship

· Care for all church members and leaders

· Financially support the needs in your local community

The effects of online-only worship are more than these three issues of course, however, the ability to solve the bigger questions, like how and when will in-person church come back, are still in flux. However, there is something that you as a pastor or a church leader can do right now to help raise money for your church and get your budget back on track. In three words, get mobile giving.


Did you know that 70% of the population in the U.S. today is made up of Gen Z's, Millennials, and Gen X – who are all mobile-centric and tech-savvy? And most importantly, they prefer to donate via mobile.

Mobile is the future of giving, so whether you are a small, medium, or large church - you need to be ready to connect with this tech-savvy generation. Additionally, Boomers and Silents alike, are open to mobile technology if it is easy to use. So, by integrating a digital fundraising platform into your giving strategy - you have the ability to connect with all of your key demographics.


Mobile giving is the raising of funds on a mobile device that can include text-to-give, scan-to-give (QR code), text-to-engage, and mobile-responsive online giving. The 'way' to give may be different among these options, but they all lead the donor to the same giving platform where they can give quickly, easily, and securely to your church on a monthly or one-time basis.

While the majority of churches in the U.S. have now embraced a digital alternative to holding worship, many have yet to incorporate a mobile giving component into their online worship experience. As a result, pastors may be facing a grim financial future if they are unable to generate the revenue they need to sustain their church ministry.


So, now the good news! Let me tell you how to make mobile giving work for you. And don't worry, mobile fundraising may sound scary, but ZOOMGIVE has made mobile giving SUPER easy for the giver and very user-friendly for you. And we promise the benefits will be worth it! Check out our list below of easy church fundraising ideas that utilize mobile giving.

Top-10 Church Fundraising Strategies Using Mobile Giving:

1. Get signed up for mobile giving.

Feature your text-to-give, scan-to-give (QR code), and donation page URL on your screen every Sunday, or anytime you have an online gathering. Include a call-to-action and show excitement about this new, easy, and secure way of giving.

2. Invite your church to opt-in for mobile communication.

Send a "join" link via email or do a text-to-join campaign on socials that invites your church into your new mobile community. Offer "special" content like a free digital e-card as an incentive to get your members to opt-in.

3. Send a weekly text message to your general church congregation.

Include a link to a short video that offers them encouragement and information. Use your mobile phone to video, and remember it doesn't need to be fancy, just authentic.

4. Send a weekly text message to your church leaders.

Encourage and mentor them individually on how best to care for their respective groups such as youth, small groups, etc. during this time.

5. Make a strategic mobile giving ask.

Sometimes members don't realize or remember that the church needs their financial support. In one of your weekly text messages, let them know you need their continued support and include a link that takes them directly to the giving donation platform.

6. Let your congregation know HOW your church is actively helping the community.

People are motivated to help others right now, but they want to make a difference, so giving money to "keep the lights on" isn't very compelling. There is a lot of donation 'asks' being made during this time of great need. However, your constituent has a number they are willing to donate, so providing information on specific church outreach initiatives will compel them to give to you.

7. Have a contest or drawing to make outreach giving fun!

Identify your outreach causes and solicit sponsorship of small "prize" items (like gift certificates to local restaurants) from a few members. Invite your congregation to give by crafting a message like, "We want to provide 100 meals for our local shelter this month, so everyone that donates via mobile will be entered in our drawing to win a prize. All winners will be notified via text."

8. Reach out via email to former or inactive members of your church community.

Create an outreach category group on your mobile platform. Convey that you care about them and want to provide encouragement and resources during this time. Focus your efforts and your messaging on giving support and reigniting a relationship with them. People want to belong and matter, and many are hurting, so your genuine effort to show you care will be welcomed.

9. Host a 'donate-to-perform' talent show fundraiser

Using Instagram Live or Facebook Live, you can invite your members to perform their talent from home. Not only will your church community be invited to view the event, but the relatives and friends of those performing will also opt-in and get to see your church in action - and maybe even donate to your cause.

10. Are you a small church without technology online church capabilities?

You can host your service on Facebook Live! Again, it isn't the tech quality so much but the connection to the church that your members are craving at this time. The majority of people, including seniors, have access to a mobile phone or a computer and will be thrilled to be attending "church" with you again.


ZGIVE is designed to simplify fundraising and maximize your ability to raise money for your organization. To learn more about mobile giving, schedule a free personal demo at zgive.com

Written by Tricia Roseveare, CMO - ZGIVE