Top 5 Fundraising Strategies With Text-to-Give

Top 5 fundraising strategies with text-to-give

The best way to maximize the fundraising efforts of a nonprofit organization is by pairing those efforts with Text-to-Give. ZGIVE’s mobile-centric texting platform, Text-to-Give, allows donors to make instant donations via quick and simple text messages. These top 5 fundraising strategies with Text-to-Give make donating to a nonprofit so much better.

1.   Display Your Goal.

Every successful team or organization needs to have a specific goal of what they would like to achieve by what date. By being intentional about your goals and displaying them at an event, team members and donors can clearly understand what they are working towards. Before you start receiving donations through your Text-to-Give platform, you may want to consider displaying some graphic signage in an area that is visible for everyone to see. An excellent example of this would be a large thermometer with the amount donated highlighted in red.

2.   Educate Your Donors about Text-to-Give

Text-to-give is a relatively new and innovative platform that has been introduced to the fundraising community, and therefore, not many know how it exactly works. Take this opportunity to educate donors on how Text-to-Give works and just how convenient their life will become by adopting this quick and easy payment system. The best way to go about educating donors is by having one of your staff members give a short demonstration of the platform. By giving them a step-by-step mini class on how to use it, you can increase the likelihood that you will receive donations.

3.   Integrate Text-to-Give Software

Charitable organizations are often busy and could use a more streamlined process for raising funds. When you integrate Text-to-Give software with your other fundraising techniques, you can maximize the amount you can raise. Another benefit of combining this platform is that your organization can track the data of each donor. The platform collects the name, phone number, and email of the donor in a secure way that abides by strict safety standards. Your donors’ minds will be at ease, and you will have an organized way of collecting funds.

4.   Create a Campaign and Start Promoting

Any successful fundraising efforts will need a proper campaign. ZGIVE makes fundraising very simple by creating a 3-step process for setting up a campaign.

  1. Choose a software provider that offers the features your nonprofit needs and keeps your donors’ information secure.

  2. Get a dedicated phone number, which your nonprofit will use to have donors text in their donations. Your Text-to-Give provider will give you a unique phone number.

  3. Promote your campaign through your existing communication strategies to get the word out to your donors about the ability to give via text message.

With these three steps, you can easily use Text-to-Give for your future fundraising events.

5.   Setup Recurring Funds

When donors can plan their giving monthly, weekly, or whenever they choose, you are allowing them to make a lasting impact on your organization. Text-to-Give provides for this process to happen by allowing the donor to give as little or as much as they’d like. By using these top 5 fundraising strategies with Text-to-Give, you can not only have a successful fundraising event but have more donors continue to make a more significant impact even after the event has ended.