3 Ways to Maximize ZGIVE’S QR Codes for Upcoming Events

3 Ways to Maximize ZGIVE’S QR Codes for Upcoming Events

ZGIVE’s mobile-giving platform is the turn-key solution nonprofit organizations are searching for. On ZGIVE, you get access to Text-to-Give, Text-to-Engage, and Scan-to-Give. These mobile features harmonize your communication and fundraising efforts for campaigns and events all in one. They are easy for you to use as they are for your donors. While all of ZGIVE’s platform is powerful for fundraising events, this article will illustrate the effectiveness of Scan-to-Give (QR Codes) in particular. Let’s explore 3 ways to maximize ZGIVE’s QR Codes for your upcoming events:

QR Codes for Fundraising – the Basics

You might be thinking, “What are QR Codes? How do they actually work?” In the context of fundraising, QR Codes are quick response barcodes that a donor scans with their smartphone to contribute to charity. All a supporter needs to do is open their camera app and point it toward a QR code. Within a few seconds, they will receive a pop-up notification with a link, sending them to your website’s donation check-out page. Maybe you’re already familiar with QR Codes for fundraising. If that’s you, you might be somewhat skeptical: “Aren’t QR Codes a little outdated?” QR Codes may be a decade old, but in 2017, QR Codes had a major resurge after iOS 11 announced its integration of QR scanning through its camera. In other words, all iPhones and most Android phones no longer require users to download additional apps to scan QR Codes. This makes your nonprofit organization’s donation page just ONE click away from your supporters – at no cost.

QR Codes Before Your Next Fundraising Event

Before your next fundraising event, QR Codes can help you sell more tickets and raise additional funds. ZGIVE’s Scan-to-Give feature can be added to all save-the-dates, RSVPs, email registrations, and flyers for your event. Be sure always to include Text-to-Give instructions as well, as some donors may be more comfortable with this feature.

QR Codes During Your Next Fundraising Event

At your fundraising event, you can include ZOOMGIVE’s Scan-to-Give feature on signage, itineraries, slides, and donation pledges and sign-in sheets. This allows donors the option of quickly scanning a QR Code to reach your donation page. To garner more Scan-to-Give donations, you could also try a ‘donate-to-win contest’ where anyone who donates via QR Code scanning is automatically entered in to win a prize.

QR Codes After Your Next Fundraising Event

After your fundraising event, be sure to send out an email to event attendees. Explain how you are now connecting with donors via mobile, and ask them to send back their updated mobile number to receive updates, future event info, and more throughout the year. This way, you can stay connected with your donors, closing the gap in your retention rates. This is invaluable! Each year, U.S. charities lose between 50-55% of all new donors. The Bottom Line? ZGIVE’s Scan-to-Give platform makes giving easy to manage for development staff and fun for donors – especially tech-savvy Millennials and Gen-Z’s – to use.

Learn more about ZGIVE’s Scan-to-Give featurescan the QR Code below to watch a short video!

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