• Tricia Roseveare

3 Ways to Attract Donors Using Text-to-Give

3 ways to attract donors using text-to-give

When it comes to fundraising for your organization, one of your primary focuses should be the experience of the donor. How easy is it for them to give to your campaign? How will they be able to track the impact they made with their contribution? Is your donor feeling safe and secure with the system you are using to collect their information? If your organization doesn’t know the answer to these questions or has never even asked these questions before, then it’s time to rethink your fundraising strategy. This article discusses the 3 ways to attract donors using Text-to-Give that could help you discover the opportunities you’ve been missing.

1.   Make Donating Simple and Quick

The Text-to-Give platform appeals to everyone who likes things that are simple, easy, and can be done in a minute on their phone. Since texting is practically second nature, Text-to-Give provides donors a quick way to support the cause they feel most passionate about. Donors can text their donation to the nonprofit’s Text-to-Give number. Then they will follow a link where they are prompted to input their contact details and credit card information in a secure donation form. Finally, donors will click “donate” to complete their contributions. This process is attractive to new and recurring donors because it makes giving easy and fun!

2.   Allow Donors to Track their Impact

Once the donor has given to the campaign, you will want to follow up with them, so they understand the effectiveness of their impact. The ZGIVE Text-to-Give platform makes this so easy. You can promote sustained giving by providing regular updates on your campaign, sharing stories or videos, and sending additional donation opportunities. This ability to communicate on a stronger level with your donor not only keeps them informed but increases the odds of having more recurring donations

3.   Offer Safety and Security with Data

Security will be a huge priority for anyone who is submitting contact details and especially credit card information. You can rest assured that ZGIVE has gone to great efforts to abide by strict safety standards for donor data. The Text-to-Give platform is highly secure and protects the data of both parties. The credit card information of the donors will be protected, and the funds sent by the donors securely transferred into the bank account of the organization. It’s clear to see why Text-to-Give is the most attractive solution for all types of fundraisers. Your organization will be offering a quick solution that allows your donors to track their impact and feel secure in the process. Learn more about ZGIVE today!