3 Email Templates to Help You Prepare for Your Year-End Ask

3 Email Templates to Help You Prepare for Your Year-End Ask

This is the season! It’s not too late to prepare for your nonprofit’s big year-end ask. To help, ZGIVE created email templates for a nonprofit donation drive you can use to have your easiest and most successful year-end fundraising season yet.

Develop Your Story and Segment Lists

First things first, you’ve got to have a compelling story that motivates donors to give. If you don’t have a client testimony yet, start searching for a changed life in 2020 that you can highlight.

Then, record a 15-minute Zoom interview with them and have some pictures taken or sent. Questions you ask should be simple. For example:

  • How did you get involved with our organization?

  • What positive impact did our organization have in your life this year?

  • If it weren’t for our organization, what would have happened?

  • How has your life changed as a result of our organization?

The Zoom recording will come in especially handy because you can split it into shorter videos to include in email, text, and social media appeals. Be sure to transcribe your interview, so you can easily copy and paste quotes and elements of their story into your appeals.

Once you have your client testimony, segment your email lists. At the bare minimum, start with:

  1. Active donors (has donated in 2020).

  2. Lapsed donors (has donated in years past, but not yet in 2020).

  3. Major donors (has donated at least $500 in the last 3-years -- typically includes Board).

Remember, year-end fundraising strategies should be:

  • Be developed early on.

  • Recruit and retain donors.

  • Foster a stronger sense of community among supporters.

  • Make donating as easy as possible.

  • Hone in on mission-centered messaging.

  • Involve some type of campaign or event to build momentum.

  • Be authentic and creative to your organization.

  • Remind donors why they love you.

  • Make sense with everything else your fundraising team does throughout the year.

Below are 3 email templates to help you win this year-end. Keep in mind that these emails will be most successful when paired with ZGIVE’s Text-to-Engage feature, because text messages are more likely to be read than email. Simply take one sentence that summarizes the emails below, add it to a text message with a picture or video, and include a donate link. Send a text message at the same time and day you send your email(s).

Email Template #1


Give [ADJECTIVE] this holiday season.



We need your support now more than ever. This year-end, our goal is to raise [$00,000] to provide [THIS SERVICE].

With your support, we can continue our mission to impact the lives of individuals like [CLIENT NAME].


The top ways you can support [ORG NAME] this year-end is: