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  • Unlimited auctions, items & participants

  • Mobile & online bidding

  • Virtual, in-person, and hybrid events

  • Client/Auctioneer dashboard

  • 'Buy-it-now' option for silent auctions

  • Max/Auto-bidding for live auctions

  • Custom bid amount

  • Bidding sheets (for in-person events)

  • Digital event registration: link/text/QR code​​

  • Multiple auction images (up to 16 per item)

  • Fundraising thermometer

  • Fund-a-need (one-click, one-to-one giving)

  • Integrated auction item shop

  • In-app donate button on participant auction screen

  • Campaign stats and reporting

  • Built-in SMS text messaging from the auction platform (1000 SMS credits)

  • Donor opt-in to pay processing fees

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  • Free Donor Intelligence Report 

    • Key donor audience demographics​

    • Wealth status

    • Giving capacity

    • Interests & affinities

    • Individual donor insights

  • Extended individual donor insights available

    • Identify potential major gift donors​

    • Understand Individual communication preferences

    • Determine generational information by donor

  • New Donor prospecting tool available​

    • Fill your pipeline with AI-curated prospects 

    • Gain new donors who look and behave just like your best donors

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  • One-click, one-to-one giving for a specific cause, need, or purpose during your event

  • Unlimited, fully customizable giving tiers

  • Second chance, close-of-auction donation pop-up

  • Ability to raise 30% more revenue during your event!!

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  • Choose from over 80+ best-selling vacations, experiences, and jewelry from our preferred partners - one a click of a button in an online shop format

  • Pay wholesale price only when an item sells and keep the profits

  • Complimentary Item Concierge service

    • ZGIVE will upload your selected items to your auction portal!

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  • Unlimited email support 

  • During-auction support 

  • Unlimited 24/7 phone support 

  • Client onboarding guide

  • Resources with best practices, e-guides tools, and more.

  • Stripe payment processing 


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