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Client Testimonials

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Last March we did a fundraising event with ZGIVE. We did a silent auction and we had over 100 people registered to participate in the event, so we ran the event for a week's time. We reached our goal of $35K and we're super thrilled with ZGIVE. The platform was easy to work with. It was very user-friendly, and we were very extremely successful. Thank you ZGIVE. 

Jay Williams

Executive Director, OC UNITED



We recently used ZGIVE for our fundraising event for the Rotary Foundation. Our event was a hybrid event, so we wanted our members in person and at home to be able to bid on the same items, and that went great. Everyone was able to use their phone to view the auction and bid on items. We also had a unique thing at our event where we set up a wine and liquor pull which gave our guests an opportunity to choose a bottle of wine or liquor. Our client success manager helped us set up a giving campaign along with the auction so that all participants had to do was text a certain keyword to our campaign's phone number to pay for the item that they wanted in the wine and liquor pull. This was a great tool again for our people in person and at home. It worked out great. Our event raised over $11,000 which was a huge success for our first time! And it was great to use ZGIVE to help us get to that amount. Thank you!

Mandy Sheldon

Rotary District 5710

Awesome! Thrilling! Mind-boggling! When I first approached ZGIVE I was asking for information I was immediately connected to the President. I was totally amazed that someone that high up would take the time to talk to me a lowly, potential new customer. He walked me through what their program did and how it could benefit our non-profit and because we are a small non-profit immediately offered me an additional discount. As soon as we signed up our ZGIVE Client Success Manager contacted us and started setting up what we needed to get started. She walked us through the setup, gave us pointers on how to make our auction the best it could be. She answered any question I asked and either she had the answer or got it to me quickly. I constantly challenged her to give me additional information to make our auction better and she helped us every step of the way.

Jean C.

Non-Profit Organization Management

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