Ready-Auction: FAQ's



 Are Ready-Auctions profitable for the nonprofit?

Yes! However, profitability is driven by your audience participation. A healthy number of participants mean more bidding and therefore items sell for more profitable price points.  A nonprofit organization must have a solid donor base in which to promote the event. Also, the organization must commit to marketing and promoting the event via email, social media, website prior to the event.

Who selects the items to be offered in the auction?


ZGIVE selects best-selling risk-free items that will be in the auction based on the auction theme. If the nonprofit would like to add any items, they are welcome to do so. 


How does a nonprofit pay for risk-free items that are sold at the auction?


 The money for your auction will be directly deposited in your bank account. ZGIVE will charge the nonprofit using the credit card on file for the cost of the vendor items as well as the 5% performance fee.


Does ZGIVE handle payment of items from buyers?


Yes, our platform collects all payment and address information upfront during the initial registration process.


Does ZGIVE or vendors handle the shipping to our buyers? How much does shipping cost?


Yes, ZGIVE and/or our vendors will ship directly to your buyers. Shipping is sometimes free per the vendor. If shipping is a factor it will be included into the starting bid.

Can an organization request a custom Ready-Auction?

Typically no, however, we do seek input from our clients as to what Ready-Auctions are most relevant as well as new ideas for Ready-Auctions. For a custom auction event, contact your ZGIVE Client Success Manager.

Are the Ready-Auctions always available?

Yes, the majority of our Ready-Auctions are available year-round. If they are no longer available they will be removed from the option list. Seasonal Ready-Auctions such as Holiday and Fall - are available from September - December.


Specialty Ready-Auctions such as Mothers Day or Father's Day are available during the respective month corresponding to the celebratory day.

How many items are in a Ready-Auction?

We can scale each themed auction based on the number of registrants. Therefore we accommodate small, medium or large auction events.